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Testing Solutions – Reality is the Benchmark

As an accredited test lab we offer comprehensive testing expertise and facilities for the functional validation of everything from complete vehicles and individual systems to physical components at six locations in Germany. Our in-depth understanding of products and systems enables us to support our customers during the process of developing prototypes and products. We specialize in automotive projects, but also provide expert validation services for products and systems from the aviation and medical technology, industries and other non-automotive sectors.

High quality and international standards in our accredited test lab

Bertrandt has a good business relationship with all the major European vehicle manufacturers. This makes us the first port of call for international customers in new markets and industries who are looking for specialists to interpret test results and experts in the field of evaluation.

We can take full responsibility for validation projects on behalf of our customers. We are fully compliant with all the relevant international standards (TISAX, ISO 17025), highly flexible and always working toward the optimum solution. Our customers entrust us with a wide variety of individual tests and complex large-scale projects, including complete vehicle validation. We carry out all the coordination and management tasks for the project partners, from drawing up a validation plan and holding supplier workshops through to the certified disposal of test components.

Expert knowledge and an extensive portfolio of services

A qualified validation process, which could be an environment simulation, an investigation of structural integrity or an endurance test, requires more than just the professional use of the latest testing technologies. In areas such as classic vehicle safety, our validation team members can apply their comprehensive understanding of modules and systems to cover all the relevant factors from the seat to the complete vehicle. We also have access to the in-depth product knowledge of the experts within our organization. The result is validation processes that set new standards.

In addition to validation services, we provide the accompanying peripherals, such as test rigs, residual bus simulations and the replication of package spaces. We also offer an extended range of services, which include using AI algorithms for component evaluation and recommending improvements (for example, a different choice of material or thickness).

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Future technology trends in our sights

As a validation partner, we support our customers with the development of new technologies in areas as wide-ranging as electric mobility, hydrogen powertrains and autonomous driving. We have invested extensively to prepare for more challenging requirements, for example the use of new climate control systems and hydrogen. Our functional validation specialists are already working on the advanced driver assistance systems of the future. Alongside testing the fundamental performance of the sensors, we customize and configure the entire system to ensure that cars can operate safely on the roads in a variety of weather conditions. Our x-track mobile testing facility is the ideal solution for classification processes (Euro NCAP), active vehicle safety tests and validating dynamic driving functions.

A network of ultra-modern test rigs for functional validation

Our flexible testing resources play an important role in ensuring the efficiency of our validation processes. At our six sites in Germany (with a total floor area of 44,000 square meters), we offer a comprehensive testing portfolio which includes all types of test rigs and validation services on the roads. We have almost 200 climatic test chambers for environmental simulations, 35 shaker systems and a climate-controlled multi-axis shaker table (eMAST) for high-voltage batteries. In everything from airbag inflation assessments in our specialist lab through to material tests, our testing team offers innovative validation processes that meet each customer’s specific requirements.

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As a solution provider, we specialize in selecting the most appropriate test methods and the most efficient conditions. We aim to offer our customers a flexible service that overcomes every new challenge and allows us to develop an in-depth understanding of their problems on the basis of a detailed dialog.

The Testing Solutions team will be happy to answer your questions.

Overview of services:

The environmental influences on vehicles, technical equipment and materials vary significantly from one part of the world to another. Bertrandt has a highly efficient testing infrastructure and many years of expertise in carrying out all kinds of environmental simulation tests. Using ultra-modern test systems and applying our analytical skills and product and application experience, we test and validate the reliability and service life of products during the prototyping phase. We provide a solution-based, efficient service that complies with all the relevant international testing standards and industry requirements.

Learn more about Environmental Simulation

The durability of components and complete systems must be guaranteed for a specific period of operation. As an accredited test laboratory for structural durability, Bertrandt has extensive testing capacity across its sites and is one of Germany’s largest testing service providers in the field of vibration engineering.

Learn more about Structural Durability

The international requirements for vehicle safety are constantly evolving – as are the passive safety systems and components for the vehicle body and interior. As an accredited testing laboratory, we ensure the effectiveness of safety measures by applying a broad spectrum of static, quasi-static, and dynamic testing solutions: flexibly, quickly, and highly efficiently, even for large quantities.

Learn more about Vehicle Safety

With our extensive range of measurement systems, we can provide all kinds of coordinate measurement services, from measurement reports and initial sample inspections to laser tracker measurements and surface scans. We have been offering 3D measurement services for more than 10 years at all the Bertrandt sites and also visit customers’ premises to provide on-site contract measurement services.

Learn more about Coordinate Measurement Systems

Cars with excellent acoustics have been subjected to an intensive battery of tests. Vibrations that can be felt and heard in and around the car are investigated, unwanted noise is analyzed and suppressed and an internal and external acoustic design is developed. In our acoustic center, we can perform all the necessary acoustic tests for cars with combustion engines, hybrid drives and electric powertrains. These tests cover everything from material samples, subcomponents and individual assemblies through to complete vehicles.

Learn more about Acoustics

Materials in the interior of cars have to comply with legislation and meet specific requirements. Emissions from these materials have a direct impact on the nose, eyes and well-being of the driver and passengers. Our specialist material testers, engineers and scientists test and evaluate emissions from plastics and other surfaces in accordance with all the current regulations to determine their suitability for use in specific areas. They also run combined material and component tests.

Learn more about the Material Testing Lab

From driver assistance systems to automated driving: technical development is advancing at a rapid pace and we are seeing a continuous increase in both the degree of connectivity and the number of functions being implemented. In turn, the validation of driving functions is becoming equally more complex. Bertrandt is specialized in the validation of physical driving functions that relieve the driver – even as far as allowing the vehicle to take over driving completely.

Learn more about ADAS Validation

A comfortable climate is essential for the well-being of vehicle occupants, which means that the heating, cooling and ventilation systems must function perfectly. At Bertrandt we offer a comprehensive portfolio of test services for vehicle air conditioning/HVAC at all our sites. These range from individual tests to the validation of components and vehicles during the development process. As an accredited test lab (DIN 17025), we carry out all the standards-based validation processes and a variety of other tests relating to climate comfort, providing a flexible, efficient and thorough service.

Learn more about HVAC

The combined validation of vehicle components and systems makes tests more complex, but also gives more meaningful results. Bertrandt has more than 30 years’ experience of complete vehicle evaluation and runs tests in the field and on test benches with all the necessary testing and measuring equipment. In addition, our experienced engineers can develop new solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirements as closely as possible.

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