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Testing Solutions

Testing Solutions – reality is the benchmark

To be fit for the future, it is essential to develop and test new realities and solutions. To ensure optimum, ground-breaking results for our customers, Bertrandt checks, tests and validates in conditions as close to reality as possible, without compromise and with exceptional inventiveness for everything related to the development of the toughest possible new testing systems and methods. Our clear goal and promise is to use our know-how and pioneering testing systems to assist our customers – from the initial concept right through to complete vehicle testing.

Resolved in testing: The better and earlier the product can be accurately and reproducibly tested and subjected to validation, the shorter the development time, the larger the cost savings, and the greater the efficiency. Regardless of whether it is validation of functionality and endurance testing, environmental simulation, functional testing of tank systems, SHED measurements, or vehicle testing, Bertrandt is your experienced testing partner in all disciplines.

Overview of services:

What effect do fluctuating environmental conditions have on the properties and lifespan of products and materials? Can products/materials withstand worldwide climatic conditions? How long does it take to simulate the life cycle of a product? For these and other questions in the area of environmental simulation, Bertrandt is your solution partner.

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Because of the many specifications involved related to design, haptics, and safety, interior and exterior components have a special significance in vehicle development – especially when it comes to validation and series approval for the parts and modules. With our methods and our broad portfolio, we can perform the complete validation process, from environmental simulation to function testing right through to vibration behavior.

  • Stiffness/ strength/ haptics
  • Environmental simulation
  • Endurance simulation
  • Vibration/ pulsation/ shock
  • Vibration under climatic and moisture conditions
  • Sunlight simulation/ infrared radiation
  • Seat/ interior lab
  • Doors/ flaps endurance testing
  • Light and visibility  

As a certified testing services provider and expert in component testing, we have incorporated our know-how into the product development of a standardized, validated testing device. Our Ball Impact Device for ball impact testing of vertical or diagonal components.

The ambitious climate targets and the resulting megatrends, such as lightweight construction, CO2 reduction, and downsizing, are reflected in every facet of the car today. For us, the term powertrain component testing expresses how we are confronting all these requirements with our in-depth testing portfolio. Customers can call on us for specific types of testing, ranging from SCR tank testing to steering system testing.

  • Tank testing
  • Chassis validation
  • Powertrain validation
  • Power unit and auxiliary equipment testing
  • Steering validation
  • Cooling and wiring/circulation system testing
  • Operational reliability testing
  • Component endurance testing
  • Concepts and design for testing facilities

Today, active and passive safety are among the automotive industry’s most important development goals. Equipped with the latest computational and recording tools, our testing facilities allow continuous verification of the current state-of-the-art in the areas of structural design, occupants, and partner protection.

The validation of Active Safety functions are easily possible with the x-track, our mobile laboratory, even on test areas and in road traffic.

  • Airbag testing
  • Drop tower
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Low-speed crash
  • High-speed crash
  • Occupant protection
  • Active systems
  • Out-of-position test
  • Pendulum tests
  • Safety of high-voltage vehicles
  • Target and reference systems
  • Measuring and analysis systems
  • Misuse objects of active pedestrian crosswalks

From rolling noise, engine noise, and wind noise to individual perception, when it comes to an acoustically optimized and noise-free vehicle, consumers have high quality expectations.

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