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„Simplify & speed up your sustainability reporting“

Our mission: We enable companies that are part of the supply chain to establish transparent and effective sustainability reporting.

Benefit from our customized solution for your ESG reporting.
Our ESG consulting experts support you in preparing your ESG reports with expert advice and our digital tool. This is how we work together to design your organization's ESG reporting - solution-oriented, efficient and sustainable.

Our offer:

The three pillars of our ESG consulting model for transparent and efficient sustainability reporting.

Our modular ESG consulting system

Depending on the maturity level of your company's ESG reporting, you can book individual modules from our modular ESG consulting system. The modular structure of our service model guarantees that the requirements of your organization can be optimally covered.
Take advantage of a free kick-off workshop. We will be happy to introduce you to our modules, our ESG software and our ESG consulting.

60% time saving with our ESG tool

An integral part of our approach is the implementation of a digital tool that allows you to significantly increase the efficiency and transparency of data collection for your ESG reporting. 

Free trial

You have the opportunity to test our digital tool free of charge and see the increase in productivity for yourself.

Benefits of our ESG software

  • Keep it simple
    • Not a highly complex tool, therefore low training and implementation costs
    • High transparency in the ESG data collection process 
    • Template for easy completion of sustainability rating questionnaires
  • Keep it smart
    • Intelligent KPI management in a digital dashboard
  • Keep it useful
    • Independence from other software platforms thanks to standalone tool 
    • Scalability and process optimization
  • Keep it fast
    • Rapid adaptability to market requirements due to new regulations and technical developments


The collection and handling of documents in order to be able to respond to customer inquiries for sustainability ratings is very complex and time-consuming.

Petra Mugele, responsible for the completion of sustainability rating questionnaires at Bertrandt

Reasons for working with Safe Supply by Bertrandt

In over 200 customer interviews with German companies from a wide range of sectors, the following problems with ESG reporting became apparent.

ESG reporting generated

  • high costs due to manual processes and a lack of digital systems.
  • complex data handling and labor-intensive documentation of requirements.
  • requirements in document preparation standards for verification obligations across various subsidiaries.
  • a financial risk due to late processing of the obligations to provide evidence in the form of sanctions and possible non-consideration in tenders.

Do you recognize these situations? We offer you the solution.

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Due to various regulations in Germany and the EU (e.g. Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, CSRD), more and more companies are obliged to publish information on the sustainability of their activities in accordance with defined standards. Therefore, efficient ESG reporting is essential for companies.

The example of the CSRD makes it clear that sooner or later, smaller companies will also be affected by the obligation to provide information on the sustainability of their activities. In order to be optimally prepared for upcoming requirements, for example with regard to data collection and the resources required, and to avoid any penalties or fines, companies should deal with ESG reporting intensively at an early stage.

Many companies have inconsistent structures (processes, availability of resources, staff, etc.), which leads to a lack of clear standards for ESG reporting. The provision of information on a company's sustainability practices is often difficult due to scarce resources and a lack of digitalization and can lead to a lack of transparency.

Safe Supply is not a replacement for common rating platforms such as Ecovadis, IntegrityNext etc.. Rather, Safe Supply supports the use of these platforms in companies to ensure the efficient collection and documentation of information. This helps to avoid inadequate sustainability ratings on these platform, and therefore bad customer sustainability ratings.

If questions in the context of sustainability ratings cannot be answered and the information or documents required cannot be submitted on time, this can lead to a poor sustainability score. This rating may prevent customers and their subsidiaries from placing future orders, which may result in a loss of sales for your company.