Governance – acting responsibly and with integrity

A key element of sustainable and responsible corporate governance is a value-based understanding of compliance. Integrity and transparency characterize our business activities. We are therefore committed to full compliance with applicable law, our own corporate guidelines and the ethical standards of our industry.

This is not exhaustive but applies explicitly to the topics of corruption and bribery, competition law, accounting and reporting obligations as well as compliance with human and employee rights (both within the Group and in the supply chain).


Bertrandt has a compliance management system and is constantly developing this further. The compliance management system pursues the strategic approach of preventing misconduct in advance, investigating incoming suspicions of breaches of rules or risks as quickly as possible and responding appropriately with the necessary measures.

In terms of prevention, risk analyses, codes of conduct for employees and business partners and a broad range of training courses are key components of the compliance management system.

A comprehensive reporting system, which also enables anonymous reporting and communication with Bertrandt's compliance officers, is used to detect risks and clarify suspected cases. The internal investigation process follows strict guidelines.

In response to identified risks or breaches of rules, a compliance reporting system is used, among other things, to inform the Management Board, Supervisory Board or management appropriately. Violations of rules or irregularities are responded with the required operational and disciplinary measures.

Bertrandt will not take any retaliatory measures against whistleblowers who report breaches of rules or irregularities within the Group in good faith.

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