Financial Reports

Financial reports for download

Below we make the annual and quarterly reports, sustainability reports and the GRI Content Index of Bertrandt AG available for download.

Fiscal 2021/2022 at a glance

Despite challenging macroeconomic conditions and the continued negative impact of the pandemic in the form of sickness- and quarantine-related absences, Bertrandt benefited in the period under review from increased demand for engineering services, a noticeable rise in project awards and improved capacity utilization in Germany and abroad. As a result, total sales for the full year 2021/2022 increased by 18.9% to EUR 1,009.159m (2020/2021: EUR 848.592m).

The Bertrandt Group's EBIT of EUR 41.664 million (2020/2021: EUR 20.040 million) in the 2021/2022 reporting period benefited overall from rising capacity utilization as well as cost optimization measures initiated during the pandemic, although the aforementioned rising expense items held back the earnings recovery. The operating margin reached 4.1% in the reporting period (2020/2021: 2.4%).

For fiscal 2022/2023 we expect further growth in total sales of between  EUR 60 million and  EUR 100 million and an EBIT margin of between 4.1% and 7%. However, we point out that these forecasts are subject to major uncertainties as a result of the Ukraine war and do not assume any further deterioration in the current macroeconomic forecasts for economic development and inflation. For further details and the long version of the forecast, please refer to the Forecast Report.