Structural Durability

Structural Durability: Laboratory for Vibration and Strength Testing

The durability of components and complete systems must be guaranteed for a specific period of operation. As an accredited test laboratory for structural durability, Bertrandt has extensive testing capacity across its sites and is one of Germany’s largest testing service providers in the field of vibration engineering. The wide-ranging expertise of our team allows us to cover all areas of testing, in particular on a component level. We supply our testing services to customers from all sectors of industry, including manufacturers of cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, aircraft, rail vehicles and medical devices.

Component and system tests

The members of our specialist team have more than 20 years’ experience of vibration and structural dynamics. They can overcome any challenge and take a targeted, solution-based approach to testing components of engines, chassis, gearboxes and control units plus headlights and seat structures. Our customers benefit from the team’s broad-based expertise, in particular in specialist areas such as resonance testing and operating deflection shape analyses. We can evaluate the structural durability of systems and subsystems using a wide variety of test facilities. This involves testing and validating the functional and structural durability of each product group.
As a testing service provider, we also give our customers the option of visiting all our testing sites which have prototype protection. This allows them to monitor the testing process in person.

State-of-the-art vibration testing systems for structural dynamic component tests

Our 35 vibration testing systems, most of which are equipped with slip tables and are suitable for sequential tests, have force vectors of between 10 and 125 kN and, as a result, can meet all our customers’ needs. Many of the test benches have climatic test chambers. In addition, we can provide the entire range of electrical activation and monitoring functions for components. Other attributes that we can measure and reproduce include transmission functions, natural resonances and operating deflection shape analyses.

For multi-axis simultaneous tests, we offer hexapod systems with varying configurations and, of course, with integrated climate chambers. We also have the very latest e-MAST system, including an extinguishing device, specifically for testing high-voltage batteries. Our servo-hydraulic test benches, which have vibration isolation supports to disconnect them from the building structure, can reproduce low-frequency applications.

Specialist consultancy and special solutions

In addition to the classic range of testing services, we offer our customers specialized solutions and expert consultancy. Taking a practical, integrated approach, we can quickly suggest improvements and develop new solutions, drawing on the extensive, cross-industry expertise of our specialist team. To provide even more comprehensive services from under one roof, we also make use of the skills of other related Bertrandt teams, for example to analyze faults or adapt designs. We work in particular with the following departments: Simulation Solutions, Design Solutions, Environmental Simulation, Electronics and Virtual Testing Solutions and Acoustics/Noise.

Another area that we specialize in is the construction of special (CE-compliant) test benches that we design and implement to meet individual customer requirements (for a specific project and/or with the option to buy, for example for end-of-line tests).

Electric mobility

The testing of electric vehicles requires specialist expertise and precautionary measures. The teams at our Munich and Tappenbeck/Wolfsburg sites test active high-voltage batteries, in particular for customers from the car and commercial vehicle industries, using processes that comply with all the relevant safety standards.

Important points at a glance

National and international standards

  • ASTM D 4169
  • ASTM D 4728
  • DIN 30786-2
  • LV124
  • LV214
  • RTC-DO-160G


Accreditations of Bertrandt sites

Other certifications are listed here (for example ISO 9001, ISO 14001 etc.)


Manufacturers’ standards

  • BMW GS95024
  • MAN M 3256
  • MBN 10306
  • MBN 10438
  • VW 80000
  • Three hexapods/multi-axis shaker tables (MASTs) (for multi-axis structural durability tests, including climatic test chambers)
  • e-MAST for testing high-voltage batteries
  • Parking Lock Test Stand – for validating the parking lock for electric vehicles
  • Hydropulser
  • Servo-hydraulic test benches (Weibull tests, LTH data (road load/real time), CARLOS tests)
  • 35 vibration test systems (the majority with slip tables for sequential tests, with force vectors of 10 to 125 kN), including climatic test chambers
  • Zwick testing machines (for measuring play before and after endurance tests, polar diagrams, hysteresis, misuse)

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Karl-Heinz Weinberger

Vice President Operations – eMobility Testing Solutions

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