Modern work environments

Stay flexible. Like your workplace.

Development: this applies both to the technology that supports us in our daily life and also to the way we live and work. It has made flexibility one of the biggest building blocks of the world of work of today. And hence also one on which Bertrandt places great value. 

Your workplace and individual ideas ought to be as flexible as you are. Mobile work, part time, sabbaticals, flexible spatial concepts and much more have become part of the corporate culture at Bertrandt.

On the basis of our mission statement and strategic goals, the work environment around every worker is to be designed in order to create the best conditions for supporting and encouraging the desired development of Bertrandt. Through new methods of collaboration, agile structures are created for an interdisciplinary and networked collective space.

At Bertrandt, you can work more flexibly or take time off to gather strength or new experiences – naturally taking into account your own individual work situation. By reducing your working hours, for example, you can have the option of taking more time for your family. With our spatial concepts, we are breaking new ground both for concentrated and team-oriented working. And we are supporting your creativity.

The development of communication technologies allows the introduction of new, forward-looking work formats. In this regard, Bertrandt is striving towards the active encouragement of mobile work. 

Our goal is to offer our employees and managers the greatest possible room to manoeuvre. Through this, we hope to achieve an open sense of togetherness, the sustainable development of the company and high planning security, greater sovereignty for employees, more free room for individual work-life integration and better support for work-family compatibility. 

The introduction of mobile work leads to a new employment culture and requires responsible planning and confident organisation, as well as a readiness to adjust to different work conditions and new environments.

All employees, independent of their level on the hierarchy, have the opportunity to work part-time at Bertrandt.

In this, Bertrandt wishes to respond to the individual needs of its employees, so that they can make sure their work and private needs combine in the best possible way.

All employees at Bertrandt have the opportunity to take a sabbatical. This can create space for career and private development. 

This offers the opportunity to be released from work for a period of two to twelve months. The accumulation phase preceding this can be determined on a case-by-case basis with the manager in question.

The world of work today is marked by its amazing variety. 

Networked working is gaining in importance. More and more employees have to switch between different work formats and activities on a regular basis: concentrated, individual work, team decision-making, confidential exchange in a small group, idea finding in larger groups and switching off in between to clear their heads.

In addition, there are technical opportunities allowing particular activities to be carried out in a mobile fashion. Bertrandt is staying abreast of these changes and is allowing its workspaces to be adjusted to the new demands. 

Simply take a look at how our subsidiary in Munich has realised flexible spatial concepts and supports both networked activity and creative or concentrated work. 

Have a look on a panorama tour in our subsidiary in Munich


The good team spirit makes it easier for us to put our own wishes and ideas into practice as far as is possible. For me personally, it's a matter of mobile working, and the other team members also make use of the exemplary amount of flexibility available here.

Thomas Rath, Employee in the Controlling Department
Mitarbeiter im Bereich Controlling bei Bertrandt