Our whistleblower system

Our values define our interactions with each other within the company and in external relations: openness, trust and mutual appreciation mark our daily collaboration. We carry out our business within the framework of the applicable laws and regulations and uphold the ethical standards of our sector. These principles of entrepreneurial activity are set out at Bertrandt in various behavioural codes that are binding for our employees. We do not tolerate misconduct. If you determine potential misconduct and have the suspicion that it has taken place, we ask you to inform us of it. Employees, partners, customers or other third parties have the option to send in reports. 

This is how you can report misconduct or your suspicions

Using the following link, you can reach our online reporting system, where you can enter your report anonymously, if you wish, and in a protected space. A follow-up communication can also be sent using the system, also anonymously.

To the online reporting system

The next steps:
We check your report and follow up on it rigorously. Our investigation will be lead thoroughly and consistently. We will eliminate any abuses as fast as possible and you will be informed in any case of the result of the process.

You can also reach the compliance officer at Bertrandt by telephone at the compliance hotline, +49 (0)7034 / 656-10100, or by email to