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Bertrandt raises forecast after strong three quarters - CFO Ruf: "Our customers are posting strong figures!"

Board interview  |  Börsenradio, 08.08.2022 (only available in German)

"We see a very strong contracting policy from our customer after the Corona lull and therefore raise our guidance after three quarters," says CFO Markus Ruf. Sales are up 17% and operating profit doubles. "We also achieve strong organic growth of 14%!". The megatrends of digitalization, e-mobility and autonomous driving require forward-looking action. "Those who write tomorrow's technology today will have an advantage in success later. In addition, our customers are currently writing surprisingly good figures and earning money." Bertrandt can pass on the increased costs to customers via price escalator clauses and intensive discussions. "With existing contracts, it's a more intensive dialog."

Here you can find the interview in text form (only available in German |

Bertrandt Vorstandsmitglied Markus Ruf
Bertrandt Geschäftsbericht Konzernbilanz

Report on the 3rd quarter 2021/2022

Bertrandt was again able to benefit in the third quarter from increased demand for development services, a noticeable rise in project awards and improved capacity utilization in Germany and abroad, despite the fact that the macroeconomic environment has deteriorated compared with the original economic forecasts.


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