Our employees

Drei Bertrandt-Kollegen vor blau-weißem Hintergrund

Here you can get to know your future colleagues.

If you are toying with the idea of starting your career at Bertrandt you probably know already what Bertrandt is made up of and what we stand for. But have you already met the employees who know the company like the back of their hand and can describe from their own point of view what awaits you when you join us?

No? Then you had better get to know a few characters from different areas of the company here. Because nobody can tell you more openly and authentically what is in store for you at Bertrandt. You will not only get a many-layered picture of the company and the working day, but also of your future colleagues. And you will not only find out about individual careers and tasks, but also the faces behind the job.

You’ll see: not only is it informative, it’s also fun.

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