Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Safety: Function and Sensor System Testing for Occupant and Partner Protection

The international requirements for vehicle safety are constantly evolving – as are the passive safety systems and components for the vehicle body and interior. As an accredited testing laboratory, we ensure the effectiveness of safety measures by applying a broad spectrum of static, quasi-static, and dynamic testing solutions: flexibly, quickly, and highly efficiently, even for large quantities. We provide our range of testing services at four Bertrandt sites, in particular for automotive customers, but also for companies from other mobility sectors.         

Broad range of testing and services

In the event of an accident, passive safety systems and components must reliably recognize the situation, make decisions, and deploy. Whether it is an airbag, seatbelt, seat, structure, or sensor system, we perform tests in accordance with the latest international standards, regulations, and consumer protection specifications as well as OEM-specific requirements.      
Our testing facilities for vehicle safety are equipped with state-of-the-art measuring and camera technology and offer continuous verification of current development statuses. Airbag and crash events are documented using high-speed cameras and special equipment. By providing video recordings and live streams, we enable our customers to observe the tests as they happen. 

Crash load case and substitute tests, airbag testing and dummies

In addition to crash tests, we also carry out substitute tests for crash load cases using component sleds. To do this, we extract partial areas from a complete vehicle crash and reproduce them on our testing system. These tests enable us to generate and save partial results at low cost.
We have more than 20 years of experience in airbag testing and, in addition to all common airbag test bench tests, we also carry out dynamic head impact simulations and static strength tests on the seat assembly. We also have decades of expertise in pedestrian protection as one of the first test providers on the market. This is also shown by our collaboration in developing new requirements and test bodies such as aPLI, a test body that represents a new generation of dummies and for which we are an ACEA partner laboratory involved in providing the test methodology. 

Consulting service provider and type testing agency

We see ourselves as an active partner and consulting service provider for our customers. If required, our safety experts become involved even before testing begins by providing their know-how, for example in the preparation of safety plans and quotations or in product development. And when the test results have been obtained, we can also support our customers in how best to interpret them and, for example, draw conclusions relating to adjacent components or a system function. In consultation with the customer, we can also include related Bertrandt areas of expertise for such consulting services, in particular Design Solutions, Simulation Solutions, Environmental SimulationADAS Validation and Function Testing. New suppliers will find that we are an experienced consultant with knowledge of existing legislation and consumer protection guidelines as well as specific OEM framework conditions. 
As an accredited testing laboratory, we respond quickly to new requirements and develop the corresponding testing solutions that enable us to offer the appropriate testing services in good time before the requirements come into effect. In addition, we act as a notified body for type testing and confirm the conformity of products for the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

Future topic: the interconnection of testing and simulation

We are witnessing an increasing demand for simulation and calculation in general, but particularly so in the field of vehicle safety. We responded to this demand at an early stage and formed tighter networks within our company with the area of Simulation Solutions and other testing teams. This also includes developing new methods in order to verify simulation results better and faster, thus optimizing cross-divisional cooperation in the interests of our customers. 

The most important points at a glance

International consumer protection

  • EuroNCAP
  • C-NCAP
  • C-IASI
  • U.S. NCAP
  • IIHS
  • Latin NCAP
  • RCAR

With the clear objective of achieving Vision Zero in the shortest possible time

International legislation

  • UN-ECE (UN-R12, UN-R17, UN R21, UN R25, UN R44, UN R129)
  • FMVSS (FMVSS 201 u/l, FMVSS 208, FMVSS 226)
  • GB/T
  • AIS
  • Art
  • ADR
  • High-speed cameras
  • Measuring systems for recording measured variables in dynamic and static safety tests
  • Dummy technology for dynamic and static safety tests
  • Tactile measuring equipment
  • Software standard for data processing
  • Target / referencing systems
  • Dynamic point tracking
  • Measuring and analysis systems
  • Misuse objects of active pedestrian crosswalks
  • Active systems
  • Drop tower
  • Pedestrian protection
  • Occupant protection
  • Out-of-position test
  • Safety of high-voltage vehicles
  • Function testing: seatbelt systems / seatbelt tests (retractors, belt locks, dynamic and static seatbelt tensioner tests)
  • Dynamic / static energy absorption tests (head restraint rearward displacement, moment around the H point, head restraint test, backset retention, height retention, knee intrusion)
  • E-Liner sled / component sled
  • Airbag test
  • Low-speed crash
  • High-speed crash
  • Pendulum test
  • FINAL (Force INdicated Assessment Tool) container
  • Seat test stand (strength tests)
  • Seatbelt test stands
  • Free motion headform (FMH)

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Vice President Operations – eMobility Testing Solutions

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