Trends and Themes

Innovation and a global presence are key factors for success. Considering the aspect of innovative capacity, the market players respond to the current trends of digitisation, autonomous driving, connectivity and electric mobility with forward-looking concepts. As technology specialists, we support our customers in the development of state-of-the-art product solutions – in all areas of development.



Mobility means keeping in motion, never standing still, especially in development. It characterises our daily work at Bertrandt – where every day marks a new beginning. Together with our customers, we develop future and sustainable mobility solutions, contributing towards more connectivity, safety, environmental friendliness and comfort.

Dr. Andreas Fink, Member of the Board, Technology

Autonomous Driving

Considerable advances have been made in research and development in the field of autonomous driving in recent years.


Digitisation is familiar territory for development service providers, while at the same time opening up completely new opportunities.

Electric Mobility

At Bertrandt comprehensive solutions relating to all aspects of electric mobility are taking centre stage.


The automated (SAE level 3 and 4) and autonomous (SAE level 5) driving functions in the vehicles of tomorrow require connectivity and bi-directional data sharing via online services.


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