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Good prospects for students.

If you have started a course of study – whether commercial or technical – then an interesting and exciting world awaits you at Bertrandt. On the one hand, the future of mobility, with the trending topics of autonomous driving, networking, digitalisation and e-mobility, among others. And, on the other hand, your own personal future, which you will be able to develop in perfect conditions. Because with us you will work side by side with experienced colleagues on the most exciting subjects. 

At Bertrandt, many paths lead to the goal.

Bertrandt offers you many ways to begin your entry into the world of practical work. Do you want to do an internship with us? Or do you want to gain deep insight into current projects as a working student? Or are you looking for practical relevance while writing your dissertation? Whatever you plan looks like, your team at Bertrandt is already looking forward to meeting you. 

The best thing would be to apply straight away.

You will benefit from valuable knowledge exchange from your colleagues and from the practical experience you will pick up in the course of “your” project. 

On top of this, you will be able to secure a start in your future career today. Because if your performance during an internship or working student placement is up to scratch, we will be very happy to help draw up plans for a future together. To make your application a little easier, you can find a few tips here on how to increase your chances of success. 

You can then find out directly via the job offers section what kind of engaged new talent we are looking for. So what are you waiting for? We look forward to your application. And if you want to find out more in advance, just come to one of our events and get to know your future colleagues.

Why Bertrandt

There are many reasons to come to work at Bertrandt. The most important is you.


Apply the knowledge you have gained from lectures and books in exciting projects.

Working students

Support us as a student in various fields – find out more here.


The conclusion of your studies and your start in professional life.

Your application

Here you can find out everything about our applications process, get application tips and find all of our job offers.


Here you can get an overview of all our locations and what they have to offer.


- In all technological and commercial areas
- In all German subsidiaries
- In principle, also abroad

Positions are advertised for interns, working students and
final dissertations. These can be found through the job search. If no suitable position is available, you can always make a speculative application. If doing so, please give information on the location, duration and field in which you are interested; for dissertations you could also name, if possible, any suggested topics. 

Approx. two to three months before the desired start of work.

Most positions are advertised within our German subsidiaries but occasional positions also come up abroad. If no positions are advertised at the present time, we recommend a speculative application. If doing so, please give information on the location, duration and field in which you are interested; for dissertations you could also name, if possible, any suggested topics. 

Yes, we are committed to ensuring professional orientation for our interns and future graduates and adequately remunerating it.

Both technical and commercial pre-study internships are possible here. For a technical pre-study internship, only our Munich and Ingolstadt locations are able to offer suitable conditions, and thus only one of these two can be chosen.

You can find out whom to contact regarding your application in your prior correspondence, for example, in the application confirmation. Also, you can log directly into our application system. Here you can review your entire correspondence with Bertrandt.

As soon as we have received your application, we will send you confirmation.
We need some time to check the applications. If you have not heard from us after approx. two or three weeks, please get in touch again without delay.