• General terms and conditions

  • Supplier Information

    Bertrandt relies on successful partnerships with its suppliers.
    Togethter, we strive to meet our customers' requirements and to achieve sustainable, joint purchasing processes to our mutual benefit.


    Suppliers to the Bertrandt Group must fulfil the following requirements:

    • A high level of competitiveness with regard to prices, quality, adherence to schedules and flexibility
    • Constant readiness to achieve cost reductions and cost transparency as well as improvements in productivity
    • Innovative ability, continuous improvements to products and processes
    • Ability to produce prototypes
    • Recognition of the General Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of Purchasing of the Bertrandt Group
    • Zero defect principle for all products supplied
    • Fulfilment of all currently valid or project-specific quality requirements
    • Data administration in the International Material Data System (IMDS)
    • An IT-supported information exchange (e.g. EDI) that is adapted to the Bertrandt organisation
    • Willingness to invoice services/deliveries via credit memo procedure


    Bertrandt AG

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