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Data – the new crude oil of our time. Benefit from the know-how of our data science experts to recognize the added value of your data.

In an age of automation, digitalization, and networking, data is a valuable raw material. The efficient use and linking of large quantities of data can generate added value for production, development, quality assurance, and many other areas of a company. At the same time, companies have to overcome both technical and structural hurdles in order to master the challenges of big data. 



We at Bertrandt with our expert organization are happy to help you with your aim of generating knowledge from your data. The many years of experience of our engineering departments combined with our methodological excellence in natural sciences, mathematics, and computer science will show you best practices and will guide you on the shortest path to success.

Stefan Maier, Head of Cloud Computing
  • Data Consulting – From planning the data acquisition process to carrying out highly complex analyses. We can advise you on your data-driven projects. 
  • Data Science Engineering – Do you need a special data analytics solution or a complete data campaign? No problem! We can develop the ideal solution for you.  
  • Data Ingest Solutions – For the operation of distributed and networked systems, such as a vehicle fleet or machines from different plants, it is essential to have the right data infrastructure and high-performance transmission. As a general contractor, we can define tailor-made solutions for you together with our partners.
  • Data Labeling – The automation of different systems requires the application of artificial intelligence. We generate training data for you for your camera-based AI systems.
  • Anomaly recognition in the drive system

  • Predictive signal modeling

  • Validation of data quality

  • Backend system and measured data management

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Stefan Maier

Head of Cloud Computing

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