eMAST for the validation of high-voltage batteries

The multi-axis shaker table for high-voltage batteries enables the simulation of a life cycle combined with maximum safety.

Operating loads from real test drives are used as the basis for testing. In this way, the loads experienced by a high-voltage battery in the vehicle are simulated in the most realistic way.

These include the following simulation areas, which can run simultaneously:

The shaker table:

On a surface area of 5 square meters, loads of up to 850 kilograms can be applied at up to 100 Hz in all six spatial axes. This test rig design means that we are equipped for future storage dimensions and can simulate and evaluate negative events, such as driving over a curb.

The climate simulation:

Cold winters or hot summers: extreme weather conditions with temperatures from -55°C to +90°C can be simulated.

The energy system:

The battery can be continuously loaded with a voltage of up to 1,200 volts and a current of +/- 1,200 amps at a total power output of 400 kilowatts.

Battery temperature control:

The internal temperature control circuit of the high-voltage battery can be continuously adjusted from -40°C to +150°C.

To detect abnormalities as early as possible, we work with 24/7 monitoring and automatic fault detection. In the event of an accident, the intelligent cooling and deletion process ensures maximum safety and also enables a subsequent diagnosis of the battery.

The eMAST and our expertise ensure that the requirements placed on modern high-voltage batteries can be validated simultaneously, efficiently, and sustainably.

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