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Why ADAS validation?

As we move towards fully automated driving, familiar driver assistance systems are being combined to form systems that can perform increasingly complex driving functions. The resulting increase in the scope of testing, due to more and more complex system requirements, demands partners with experience in testing in combination with the greatest possible flexibility and mobility.


Our solution: x-track

x-track is a fully equipped mobile laboratory for the validation of active safety functions on test tracks and in road traffic.



Our vision is to master the complexity in the validation of driver assistance systems and automated driving functions. This will enable us to make highly automated driving possible in the future.

Kai Golowko, Lead Expert at Bertrandt in Ingolstadt

The complex testing technology involved requires a well-rehearsed, highly qualified team as well as continuous further development of the tool chain. Together with our customers, we develop individualized, efficient validation plans, we provide support in carrying them out, and we are available as a partner in further developing and optimizing them.


Independent and interdisciplinary expertise

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State of the art

The x-track team is familiar with all of the equipment and systems on the market. This enables us to guarantee the fast and safe implementation of new products.

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Our mobile testing laboratory is equipped with the optimum technical equipment as well as the know-how and the staff to ensure that we can react individually to customer requirements within 48 hours.

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Interface competence

We know our customers well. And we also know our tools and their manufacturers. With our knowledge, we bring both of these areas together to generate value-adding synergies.

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Technical service

We ensure that driver assistance systems are suitable for practical application and are approved for their market launch. In the future, we will support our customers as an accredited testing institute in the Europe-wide approval of their systems and products.

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x-track van fitted with equipment to suit the specific application for testing throughout Europe:

  • Driving robotics (steering, accelerator, & brake robot)
  • Global vehicle targets GVT incl. platform (4a and ABD)
  • Inertial measuring system with dGNSS base station
  • Mobile GNSS receiver
  • VRU test stand with various dummies (pedestrian, bicycle, PTW) and mobile lighting system
  • Weather station
  • Measuring computer
  • Measuring steering wheel
  • STAC brake measuring system
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Active Vehicle Safety

Comprehensive tool set for carrying out all test scenarios from legislation, insurance companies & consumer protection organizations:

  • FCW, AEB C2C
  • AEB VRU, rear AEB
  • LSS, ELK
  • BSIS
  • ISA
  • Drowsiness and attention detection
  • Development of validation methods for complete vehicle functions from SAE Level 2
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Vehicle Dynamics and Brakes

Objective acquisition and processing of measurement data for the development of properties in vehicle dynamics and braking systems:

  • Offset
  • Yaw behavior
  • Roll dynamics
  • Braking performance
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Validation Planning

We take care of the planning and implementation of validation processes throughout Europe for all known requirements for testing systems from the areas of driver assistance, active vehicle safety, vehicle dynamics, and braking systems. These include, for example:

  • Typical daytime and night scenarios from worldwide NCAPs
  • Test scenarios for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Evaluation of driving functions from vehicle dynamics or braking
  • Future scenarios from legislation and consumer protection worldwide

Always with the aim of being efficient, reliable, repeatable, and reproducible.

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Measured Data Acquisition

When carrying out tests, we collect large quantities of measured data and make them available to our customer at any time in their preferred format.

  • As the standard procedure, we collect the data in a Matlab environment
  • We are happy to provide the data in an ISO-MME format
  • Processing in X-Crash Zero is directly possible
  • In addition, we can also record vehicle data from the CAN bus, FlexRay bus, or automotive Ethernet
  • Raw data from sensors can also be collected through access to the data interface
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Maintenance and Servicing

We make sure that testing and measuring equipment is in a perfect condition for the tests. By keeping good stocks of wearing parts and spare parts, we are able to react quickly if parts should fail.

Regardless of whether we are dealing with hardware or software, our know-how ensures that our equipment inventory is always state-of-the-art. In addition, we provide support for the customer’s own equipment. We take care of storage, transportation, and maintenance.

In this way, we actively avoid failures and downtime on test tracks and delays in the testing schedules.

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We are very familiar with global legislation and consumer protection requirements and know all about what is necessary for obtaining approval for road use.

We are happy to advise our customers and to provide support on specific topics such as:

  • Selection of suitable test tracks
  • Necessary tools and equipment
  • Measuring methods and certification
  • Design of test track infrastructure
  • Legal and consumer protection requirements
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Interface Support

We support and advise customers from the automotive sector in the planning, development, and implementation of test scenarios for ADAS-/AD validation. In addition, we provide valuable input for the developers and manufacturers of testing systems and dummies for active safety.

Our active participation in working groups and committees ensures that we make a contribution to optimizing everyday testing. The combination of these fields of activity enables us to act as a know-how interface for our customers and partners and to generate value-adding synergies.

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We provide training for our customers and our own employees in the use of all the tools in our constantly increasing tool chains.

This requires a highly qualified team that needs to have broad and in-depth expertise in using the tools available on the market.

In addition, we also offer seminars and workshops on the requirements and challenges in validation processes and in using the tool chains.

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Kai Golowko

Team Manager Active Safety

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