Corporate culture

The Bertrandt corporate culture as the basis for long-term success.

We are sure that our corporate culture has a decisive influence on the long-term success of Bertrandt. But what marks out our corporate culture as different? Answering the following questions can help here: “Are all employees challenged and supported sufficiently and treated with respect?” or “Do people work and communicate at eye-level, across hierarchies, and according to essential content?”

At Bertrandt, collegiate spirit is writ large. Here, our respectful and open attitude to each other and consequent open-door culture also play essential roles.

Our employees value the unusual work atmosphere and team cohesion, and our managers are always receptive, as part of their cooperative leadership style.

In addition, all employees have as much room as they need for individual development on the basis of trust and transparency.

Through open communication we also support constructive exchange. In addition, we value the diversity of our employees, something that enlivens our collaboration. We are happy that everyone is different.

Our mission statement regulates how we interact.

Our corporate culture is oriented by our fixed mission statement, one which regulates how we interact with others, both internally and externally, with our clients.

We never lose sight of our goal of increasing the value of the company over the long term and sustainably. An important cornerstone of this is our market- and customer-oriented range of services.

In this way, we can replicate the complete development process in nearly all engineering areas, while standing for performance, team and networking commitment with entrepreneurial freedom, in accordance with the motto “through networks to strength”. In order to experience true transparency, we have made sure the mission statement and our competence model are aligned with our employees’ own statements.

In addition, we cultivate the values that regulate our interactions with each other: being a good role model, trust, fairness and appreciation.

Mitarbeiter im Bereich Facility Management bei Bertrandt

It's more like working with friends on a common cause and it doesn't feel like something that you absolutely have to do.

Richard Heinemann , Development Engineer in the field of Electronic Development