Onboarding at Bertrandt: Arrive. Feel welcome. Take off.

Good to have you here! On this page you will find out all about the onboarding at Bertrandt. The introduction of a specialised Competence Center has enabled us to give the topic the importance it deserves. With our onboarding, we want to build a foundation for our new employees and to integrate them holistically into our company by transmitting core elements such as the history of Bertrandt, the range of services and the culture at Bertrandt right from the start. We accompany employees with our onboarding until the end of their probationary period and emphasize the importance of networking across our Bertrandt locations.



Working across locations is becoming increasingly important for Bertrandt.
With our Germany-wide onboarding, we create the cornerstones for successful networking within the company starting with the first day of work.
It is particularly important to us to convey the Bertrandt Way at an early stage and to tie employees to our company with our cultural induction.

Antonella Theis, Competence Center Onboarding

Preboarding covers all activities from the signing the contract to the start of employment.

This includes the onboarding portal, which gives our employees the opportunity to get to know Bertrandt and their future colleagues before their actual start work. 

Our new colleagues are about to start and are therefore getting ready for their first day of work and thus also for their onboarding. In addition to an introductory event for the respective site, we have developed an onboarding which works across all locations.

Furthermore important information about the Bertrandt culture is imparted. At the same time, colleagues from all over Germany get to know each other on their first day of work.

Whether your are manager or intern, every new employee is assigned a mentor who is available to answer any questions and plays a key role in helping you integrate into the company.

In addition to the mentor model, there are other onboarding offers helping cultural familiarization.