Prüfkompetenz für Rohbau und Mechatronik

Service life, safety and comfort are the central aspects when testing and evaluating vehicle bodies and components. Bertrandt can draw on decades of comprehensive testing expertise and analysis skills. The entire spectrum of the most modern measurement technology and methods is used – including climate chambers for testing in extreme conditions.

Measurement of body rigidity: with high-precision sensors

With body stiffness measurements, we classify value, functionality, crash safety and driving dynamics. To do this, we measure and evaluate the vehicle body and body components using high-precision sensors (measuring range 1 µm) to precisely monitor any deformation when loading forces or moments are introduced.

Shell construction: testing and analysis of possible weak points

Spot weld cracks or insufficient bonding on the shell can lead to blatant consequential damage. Our specialists check spot welds and material thickness using ultrasound and/or destructive testing on the body shell if necessary to evaluate the quality of the connections based on the design status.

Component protection: from exterior mirrors to doors to closing aids

Each component is secured corresponding to the expected loads over the vehicle's service life. Our customers benefit from our excellent testing infrastructure, which we also use to simulate extreme environmental influences, such as desert heat and dust, icy or dry winters, exposure to salt water and even hailstorms.

In addition to the functionality, we also look at factors that influence the comfort and safety of the occupants and convey the value of the vehicle - such as the pleasure level of acoustics when moving all mechatronic systems.

Example of a door/flap endurance test: In addition to the everyday loads of cold, heat, dust and moisture, strength, abrasion, tightness, squeaking/creaking behavior and the functional behavior of all surrounding components are also observed - for a complete and integrated test result.

Mechatronic systems: function and service life

We check the functional requirements for mechatronic systems according to manufacturer and legal specifications, such as anti-trap protection on window regulators, sunroofs and electric tailgates, the opening time of dynamic spoilers or the defrosting time of electrically heated exterior mirrors. The service life tests are fully automated and monitored.

Integrated system view

The interaction of all individual components as a whole system is our core business. We can already contribute this know-how and the experience from numerous past projects as from the designing phases, e.g. on topics such as wind noise and vehicle geometry. The entire vehicles are checked for water tightness, freezing behavior and aeroacoustics. The investigations are carried out in the wind tunnel and on the test track or in the rain simulation or car wash.

Zahlen und Fakten

  • Robotics
  • Electromechanics
  • Pneumatics
  • Cabin pressure measurement
  • Roof stiffness measurement
  • Wiper test bench technology
  • 20 door flap endurance test benches
  • Characteristic test benches for measuring actuators

We develop time and cost-saving replacement tests, design and manufacture test frames and test devices for a realistic vehicle environment. We use our expert know-how from the creation of various test specifications to achieve a result quickly, effectively and transparently.

70 rod displacement sensors and 20 cable displacement sensors with a very high accuracy of 1 µm, e.g. for the following:

  • Gap measurement
  • Tension and pressure measurement
  • Vibration measurement
  • Laser displacement measurement
  • Speed measurement

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Karl-Heinz Weinberger

Vice President Operations – eMobility Testing Solutions