Electronics & Virtual Testing Solutions

Continuous verification, from the cloud to the road

We are your reliable partners for the functional testing of complex systems – offering scalable solutions from complete virtualisation to physical verification. From test stand construction and real-time simulation to test methods and execution, we offer you a complete package containing all the building blocks with which we test innovations from other departments. Agile, interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral: we will take on testing for you.

Scalable services at every testing level

We will validate your complex systems and ensure that your products are safe and of high quality. The services we offer include all the modules required, whether standalone or as a bundle. Lengthy experience in every domain related to automobile development, plus expertise in other sectors, mean that we will be your reliable partner in the fields of electronics and virtual testing. 

An overview of our services

Benefit from our decades-long testing experience combined with innovative testing methods to achieve the right validation strategy for you.

  • Testing, validation and certification strategies based on the test focus (e.g. function tests, performance tests, safety tests)
  • Best practices in requirements-based testing (e.g. basic/application software, security, diagnostics, networking)
  • Upgrading of scenario-based testing methodology based on PEGASUS
  • Scenario identification from field data and criticality evaluation
  • Methodological development for testing KI-based functions

Learn more about our competencies in scenario-based testing.

Given increasing testing loads, we aim for maximum virtualization by moving testing tasks towards the lab and the cloud.

  • Approval strategies for functions and systems designed based on virtual test results
  • Development of real-time-capable simulation models for Ego car, environment and traffic
  • Virtual ECUs (vECUs) created
  • Real parts requirement reduced through sensor and control unit behavior models
  • Virtualization of tool chains and parallelization of testing using cloud computing

We develop turnkey test beds and testing toolchains. Benefit from our experience with hardware and software components from popular providers for testing systems and tools.

  • Test environment designed based on hardware, software and virtualization requirements
  • Electronic testing systems built and commissioned incl. CE certification
  • Maintenance and operations for HiL, SiL and full virtual test environments (e.g. for dSPACE, ETAS, Vector and CARTS components)
  • Commercial simulation and vECU tools integrated
  • Libraries developed and test automation systems taken live

We will test your functions, control units and sensor systems at every test level, from component testing through integration and system testing to acceptance.

  • Test planning and management
  • Test case design and implementation in all commercial testing tools (e.g. EXAM, ECU-TEST, PROVEtech:TA, TPT, etc.)
  • Automated and manual software/hardware tests 
  • Testing analyses and reports
  • Performance evaluation, benchmarking and ground truth for surround sensors
  • Data labeling and reprocessing

We conduct the functional and safety certification on the test site and in road traffic. You benefit from our testing equipment and our experience with measuring devices provided by popular manufacturers.

  • Function, integration and performance testing on test sites and field tests worldwide
  • Scenario and maneuver catalogs designed and produced
  • Active vehicle safety tests based on Euro NCAP
  • Driving stability, driving dynamics, and braking tests
  • Complex test scenarios conducted based on PEGASUS
  • Mobile x-track test lab incl. driving robotics, inertial, inertial measurements, dummies and targets

We make your testing projects successful and take responsibility for everything, from project planning and project management to approval. From a one-off test job to a large project, we will support you throughout the development cycle.

  • Testing and fault management across all test instances, e. g. MiL, SiL, HiL, vehicle
  • Evaluation of test coverage and degree of maturity
  • Compliance with software development standards
    (e. g. Automotive SPICE, agile development) and functional safety (e. g. ISO 26262, SOTIF)
  • Option to run projects on Bertrandt’s sites and with your own test systems
  • Test reports and approval recommendations taking the client’s specific processes into account

Your Contact

Dr. Torsten Butz

Vice President Operations – Electronics & Virtual Testing Solutions

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