Services for the Energy Transition.

There is an acute need for action in the energy transition. Key issues are digitisation, data handling and smart energy concepts. Bertrandt is also the ideal partner when it comes to building or servicing plant and equipment for renewable energy resources.

The Federal Association of the German Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) describes digitisation as a lever for the conversion of power networks, and energy companies are the ones in the control room. Among other things, their work involves handling large amounts of data, automated processes and digital customer platforms.

Bertrandt’s range of services for the energy sector

  • Data services and concepts for data handling
  • Better marketing of balancing energy
  • Electric mobility and solutions for charging stations
  • Engineering services for photovoltaic systems, solar thermal energy, wind power and biogas
  • Servicing and maintenance of decentralised plants
  • Power plant engineering (design, development/construction, electrics/electronics, simulation, construction planning, mechanical engineering, structural calculations, interface management, occupational health & safety)
  • Process quality and environmental management
  • Planning and implementation of decommissioning and dismantling (opencast mining, power stations, nuclear power stations)

Around 1.6 million decentralised power generation units require a reorganisation of the distribution and control of the electricity generated. The data from feed-in processes, power grid operation and smart metering must be effectively managed for efficient, fast and automated processes.

Our services for distribution system operators

  • We provide support for the collection, processing and aggregation of the data with concepts for data management and for the communication structure of an energy information network (EIN).
  • We observe the principles of data management (economy, security, interoperability, resource efficiency and task fulfilment).
  • We create methodological analyses of energy consumption and regularities of the balancing energy market in the context of energy requirements analyses in order to derive strategic and technical optimisations.
  • We develop methods for process mining for the optimisation of internal processes in order to respond better to the changing requirements of the customer.
  • We develop concepts for the creation of platforms for interaction with the customer with an evaluation of customer behaviour for sales optimisation.

We develop solutions for the operators of decentralised plants and virtual power stations for the flexible marketing of balancing energy (smart energy concepts)

  • Optimisation of costs and turnover through simulation (C and Matlab)
  • Development of algorithms for best price and bidder strategies
  • Suggestions for better marketing of balancing energy, evaluation, control and marketing of energy flexibilities
  • Energy monitoring (data analysis and simulation) with cloud connection
  • Cost savings due to more efficient bidder strategies and better transparency between the customer and the seller

Bertrandt supports energy providers and plant operators by supplying qualified technicians for engineering services. These are engineers and specialists who are well familiar with the requirements of the industry.

We assume responsibility or provide support for

  • the construction of photovoltaic, solar thermal energy, wind power and biogas plants, including plant planning, mechanical construction, installation planning and commissioning of the plants
  • software development for plant automation
  • evaluation of data from plant operation.

Examples of projects for regenerative power plants

Wind energy: Development and construction of mechanical and electronic components and assemblies with maintenance work for wind power plants.

Solar thermal energy: Development services for research and development of solar thermal power plants with experimental set-ups and constructive planning of pilot plants.

Bertrandt is a service provider for the operators of decentralised plants.

Our services include:

  • Provision of service technicians for repair and maintenance work
  • Development of concepts for predictive maintenance, e.g. for wind power plants
  • Optimisation of plant operation with the aid of digital twins, data evaluation and plan simulation
  • Development of augmented reality applications in order to simplify complex tasks in the field of servicing and maintenance, e.g. with the aid of smart glasses

Bertrandt is involved in technology and customer projects for the development of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The topics include:

  • Development of integrated energy management concepts for charging an electric vehicle with the optimum interaction of energy flows in a smart home environment
  • Inductive (wireless) and conductive (wired) charging technologies
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles with load and charging management
  • Safety and security during charging
  • Integration of charging points into a smart grid infrastructure


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