EE-Reliability: Full service protection of electrical and electronic components

Functional protection of electrical components

The number of electronic components and assistance systems in the vehicle is constantly increasing - and with it the number of E/E components. As a full-service partner, we ensure the EE reliability of electrical and electronic components: within the specification limits and with regards to the required (nominal) service life (according to VDA 320, LV 124, VW 80000, etc.). Full service means that our specialist team can take over all of the necessary process steps, from test planning, parts control and reporting all the way to the construction of test benches for realistic tests.

Programming, automated tests, control and monitoring

Our in-house developed test systems have communication channels such as CAN (-FD), LIN and PWM ensuring fast connections. In addition, these systems have various measuring capabilities that enable readouts of electrical quantities and values ​​generated by those test subjects. Using our pre-programmed test catalogue, we can map various test profiles from the current standards and customer specifications inputs (including the necessary remaining bus simulation). Our specialists have the necessary know-how to prepare and map all requirements in a timely manner. Of course, the tests are carried out in accordance with all current norms (LV 124) and standards.

Analysis and reporting of test results

Our competent expert team have extensive experience in analysis of test parameters. This includes the evaluation of the measured variables as well as the physical assessment of the E/E components. Our certified specialists analyze and assess the quality of electronic assemblies (IPC-610) over the entire test sequence. In addition, our customers always stay informed of all results online and in real time throughout the validation process. Lastly, a detailed closing report includes all results gathered.

Electrical Requirements

Influencing factors such as voltage drops, polarity reversal, line damage, etc. can lead to complications in the supply voltage of E/E components. Using automated 4-quadrant amplifiers, we can fully simulate these errors and support the customer in the evaluation.

Mechanical Requirements

E/E components go through many mechanical requirements during their life cycle, such as mechanical shocks. In order to simulate realistic test conditions, these components are fixed and validated in the vehicle position. As a full-service provider, we take on the construction of the test benches as well.

Climatic requirements

Changing environmental factors, such as high humidity, place a great deal of stress on E/E components. In various climatic tests (in accredited test laboratories) we monitor key parameters of components using automated control and various measurement systems.

Facts & Figures

  • Number: 7
  • Voltage: – 16 V to + 70 V
  • Current: to 380 A / 950 A
  • Output Power: to 10.000 W
  • Power Switch (PS):
    Voltage: 60 V
    Current: 100 mA – 125 A
  • Signal Switch (SS):
    Voltage: 60 V
    Current: 100 μA – 2 A

Control of electrical components

    High-precision, bi-directional power supplies
  • Up to 66 VDC / 3,3 kW
    Acquisition of relevant measured variables
  • voltage, temperature, pressure and much more
  • Sampling rates up to 1 ms possible
  • Current measurement from 1 µA
  • IP protection class testing
    According to ISO 20653 / DIN 40050
  • Dust and test fingers: IP 1XK and IP 6XK
  • Water: from IP3 to IPX9K
  • DIN EN 60 068
  • LV124
  • VW80000
  • VDA320
  • VDA 6.0
  • GS 95024
  • MBN 10306
  • and further, according to customer specifications
  • Temperature control conditions
    • Temperature: – 70 °C to + 150 °C
    • Relative Humidity: 0 % to 90 %
  • Temperature Shock
    • Cold Chamber: – 80 °C to 100 °C
    • Hot Chamber: 50 °C to 220 °C
  • Condensation test and corrosion test
  • Fluid/Media temperature tests
  • Endurance test under climatic conditions

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Karl-Heinz Weinberger

Vice President Operations – eMobility Testing Solutions