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    Personnel, controlling or accounting.

    Start your commercial apprenticeship with us!

    Commercial apprenticeships
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    A work-study placement at Bertrandt ...

    ... is the ideal conjunction of theory and practice.

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    Are you enthusiastic about technology?

    Find our technical apprenticeships here.

    Technical apprenticeship

Learn practically.

As an internationally active company, Bertrandt offers motivated school pupils and students practically oriented learning, mentorship from experienced professionals and exciting perspectives on your own future.

In total, we have over 300 apprentices and college students in around 15 different apprenticeship fields and courses of study. Depending on your talents and your interests, you can decide whether you want to start your apprenticeship in the technical, commercial or IT field. You will quickly find out that we respect your abilities and ideas and will not fail to support you in your training and development, helping and encouraging you in all aspects. This will also include regular conversations and feedback between apprentices and trainers and cross-group apprentice days that will strengthen network philosophies.

We will also help you starting your career:

  • Intensive supervision
  • Extensive introductory days
  • Varied work in the departments with active collaboration
  • Mentoring Programm for entry into education and work-study
  • Exchange with apprentices and students from other locations from the first year of training as part of the cross-group apprentice day.
  • Apprentice events

Technical apprenticeship

Do you have an affinity for technology? Then you are in the right place here.

Commercial apprenticeship

Find out more about the varied commercial fields at Bertrandt.

IT apprenticeship

Find out more about the software and IT fields at Bertrandt soon.


Linking theory and practice to achieve a perfect entry into the world of work.

School work experience

We offer you the opportunity to get to know your desired career.