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Excellence at every level

Innovation is our aim, technology our passion, products/solutions our validation.

We combine unique software solutions, autonomous mobility, smart information systems, alternative drive solutions and outstanding testing competence under a single umbrella: electronics. It is here that we forge together the best of digitalisation and mobility, creating the intelligent software and hardware solutions that make a decisive contribution to your technological progress. With interdisciplinary expertise, digital excellence and agility in thought and practice, we are at your side as a reliable partner – from the initial idea to mass production.


The Electronics Division bundles sustainable, innovative solutions that smartly combine digitization and mobility at a high level.

Jürgen Stadler, Senior Vice President – Division Electronics

Cross-domain skills in the Electronics Divison

Software Experts. Not just 0 plus 1.

We deploy conventional and agile development strategies through to DevOps in developing software to meet your needs. Whatever the sector, with our stringent quality standards we are proficient in…

Autonomous Mobility & Information Systems. Experience and Drive

With our vast experience and an interdisciplinary team, we are your development partner for entire systems and components for autonomous mobility and sustainable information systems. Fast and flexible…

eMobility Systems. More than the sum of its parts.

Serial electric drive production – we offer a full, one-stop-shop for electric drive production.
So we will partner you in successfully implementing your projects.

Electronics & Virtual Testing Solutions. Playing it safe.

We are your reliable partner for functional testing of complex systems – scalable from full virtualization through to physical validation.

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