Bertrandt Digital Twin Solution

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Bertrandt Digital Twin Solution

Smartification at its best

Do you know how much added value your factory, your facility, your individual machine’s data can generate? And do you also know that these data can be the foundation stone for successful digitalisation  in your work environment?

Many companies are facing the challenge of using existing data to their advantage. Opaque and heterogeneous information landscapes make it necessary to use various different tools in parallel to navigate your way to the desired contents. This makes collaboration and organisation within the company more difficult. It is often especially difficult to coordinate complex processes when working from home or during a business trip.

We offer you a solution that lets you take on this challenge step by step and implement digitalisation successfully.

Our Digital Twin Solution ensures that you have the most important information to hand, anytime and anywhere. You can react rapidly to important events like production interruptions; your processes will be markedly more flexible.

This not only allows you to use all your data in the best possible way; it also offers you the opportunity to distribute the most important data among various users to optimal effect. A manager uses our Digital Twin to get an overview of all the production sites; an operator follows the live status of every machine; a maintainer can see in an instant whether repairs are necessary.

Digitalisation is moving unstoppably forward. Our smart solution offers you the ability to keep pace and set yourself up confidently for the future.

The latest technologies and innovative implementations make the Bertrandt Digital Twin Solution an ideal digital companion.


The CBM is the core of our Digital Twin Solution, aggregating, compressing, processing and storing data from the most diverse sources. Our solution is platform-independent with a live view of the facility in question, in 2D or 3D. It is operated via a browser; the server can be implemented on-premises or in the cloud. Thanks to its modern and forward-looking architecture, our Digital Twin is compatible with all operating systems and can therefore be used immediately with any terminal device. The architecture, based on microservices and docker containers, enables solutions that can be rapidly adapted to the most varied demands.

The Connectivity Modules allow data aggregation of industrial connectors and business intelligence connectors that communicate with a connectivity hub in the CBM. There, data are validated, passed on to gateways for display and logged in a database. If necessary, an additional load balancer ensures transparent scaling of the application, allowing high availability without adverse effects.

Our Digital Twin Solution offers connectors to aggregate data from a range of sources:

  • Connect machines and facilities, PCs, smartphones, tablets and even virtual/mixed reality glasses via the MQTT Connector.
  • Aggregate data from your automation solutions e.g. from a PLC or CNC machine using the OPC Connector.
  • Connect additional edge devices using the IoT-Edge Connector.
  • Add further historical data or metadata in any current file format e.g. Excel, CSV and XML using the Documents Connector.
  • Correlate additional information from external data sources e.g. weather data or electricity prices from existing websites using the Scraper Connector.
  • Add ERP files e.g. from SAP to your production data using the BAPI Connector.
  • Do you have your own applications that already aggregate some of the data? Use the REST Connector to connect your own applications to our Digital Twin Solution.

Use the Extension Modules such as data analysis, machine learning and production planning to optimise processes and evaluate production. With these modules, our Digital Twin creates the optimum basis for predictive maintenance, a major goal of digitalisation.

The advantages at a glance:

  • The most important information, tailored to you, is only a swipe away.
  • Personal configuration – exactly tailored to your desires and needs.
  • Whether on laptop, tablet or smartphone – our Digital Twin is always with you.
  • Are you on a business trip or working from home? With our smart solution you can stay in control.
  • Combine information from various tools and benefit from its intuitive operation and appealing design.
  • Whether from machines, PLCs, Excel or SAP: our Digital Twin Solution accepts data from all sources.
  • Equip your employees to make rapid decisions; increase efficiency and reduce response times. Every employee gets the data they need.
  • Valuable evaluations are available fast thanks to previously aggregated and prepared data.

Take the path of smartification and digitalisation, with Bertrandt at your side. Profit from our technical knowledge and equip yourself for the challenges of Industry 4.0 with our Digital Twin Solution.

Your opportunities with our solution are many and varied:

It offers you the ability to use your data efficiently and distribute data to various users. You can make the right decisions at the earliest possible opportunity and lift your production to a new level. All you need is the Bertrandt Digital Twin Solution: all other systems are connected in a way that is optimal for you. With the Extension Modules for data evaluation, you are also set up to handle future changes in the best possible way.

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