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Start small. Move fast. Think big.

Big ideas have small beginnings. Digitalization comes into play long before software solutions are implemented and long before we write the first line of code for you.

Our mission is to apply our expertise to make processes in industry more digital, easier to plan, faster, and more efficient – to create a framework for the essential role of your company: inventing, selling, and maintaining innovative products, opening up new markets, and creating new business models. Customized digitalization solutions make your processes more efficient, your product development paths more transparent, and your service tasks easier to plan.

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We can tame the spreadsheet monster! 

Spreadsheet monsters – these are files with a multitude of macros, scripts running in the background, standard texts, and complicated links. Although they are still used in many areas, they are increasingly coming up against their limits. Even small changes to a file can render it completely unusable.

This is where our expertise kicks in: together with you, we can tame your spreadsheet monsters and replace them with state-of-the-art software solutions. And that has numerous advantages: your processes become more efficient, giving you more freedom. In addition, your systems become more stable and there is no redundancy.

We create transparency! 

The more specific a product is, the more challenging the various stages of the production process are. Working together with you, we define a roadmap to digitalize existing systems, centralize data, and create a higher-level, transparent portal that can be accessed at any time and from any location.

In this way, we lay the foundations for process analyses and improvements, as well as an optimized use of resources and increased efficiency. As transparency increases, you will be able to identify relationships and connections within your processes and reduce the number of interfaces required.

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We digitalize your service! 

The use of conventional routing slips is still widespread. At the end of a shift, the employees’ handwritten reports have to be deciphered and typed up. We can digitalize these time-consuming processes for you! Just one of our solutions: your employees scan a QR code at the machine to access the documentation. They can view error messages and call up the maintenance status. If necessary, guided maintenance can be started directly from the portal. Individual steps are documented with the aid of text and photos. Additionally, a result log is exported.

In addition, you can view the maintenance status of all your machines in an overview, enabling you to plan your service tasks more proactively.

Why us?

We create tailor-made digital solutions that are adapted to your business model and to your specific challenges – and we provide the best advice right from the start. You can benefit from our cross-industry expertise in automation, electronics, mechanical and plant engineering, and other branches of industry. Together, we can develop the optimum digitalization concept to suit your needs. A key focus is on the agility of the development process: short sprints with results that can be quickly measured, regular user feedback, dynamic adaptation to new priorities and circumstances, and close cooperation with your company's stakeholders all characterize our method of working.


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Innovation & customization

A proactive approach, tailor-made solutions, a focus on solutions independent of the project status.

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Technical expertise

The right questions are already addressed at the first sales meetings.

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Short sprints with fast and measurable results, regular user feedback, dynamic adaptation to new priorities and circumstances.

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Short communication channels at eye level, close cooperation with your company’s stakeholders.


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