Engineering Integration & Management Services

Engineering Integration & Management Services

System integration across the entire development process

When developing complex products, the accompanying processes and interdisciplinary functions, such as mechanics, electronics and software, must be seamlessly integrated with one another. It is only when technology, quality, costs and environmental requirements complement one another that innovative, sustainable products emerge. Our experts have the skills and experience to provide help with integrating all product properties and business processes.

Engineering advice, methods, tools

The Engineering Integration & Management Services consultants head up and support the integration of technical and non-technical content, of the supporting functions and processes across the entire development process and through to the start of serial production.
Our teams manage the development process, reconcile contradictory product objectives, and ensure that client attributes are complied with. Our “PMO as a Service” helps with the developing and launching of efficient tools and methods for managing projects and processes.


Our mission: We offer our customers professional solutions in all transversal functions in product development – so that projects can be implemented successfully and future mobility designed together.

Holger Mösch, Vice President Operations – Engineering Integration & Management Services

Key strands in our range of services:

We offer extensive skills and quality consciousness in relation to product data management:

  • PDM (Product data management) structure
  • PDM consulting
  • Parts list (incl. analysis, automation, quality control)
  • Product detail assembly instructions
  • Comply with assembly space instructions
  • Digital mockups at the assembly and whole vehicle level

Benefit from our expertise in digitalization, process design and tooling:

  • Process management throughout product development and business processes
  • Product ownership and IT project management
    • Tool design including UX strategy
    • Backlog management and release planning
    • IT supplier management
    • User acceptance tests / approval recommendation
  • ALM/PM tooling, tool landscape
  • Agile project management
    • Advice when introducing agile methods
    • Set up and manage agile projects
    • Consulting, configuration, rollout and enabling
  • Automation of reports and data analytics
  • Dashboard configuration and development (BI tools)

Extensive project management experience and skills:

  • Requirements management
    • Agree technical specifications with Development
    • Change management
    • Tool adaptation (incl. software)
  • Project and process management 
    • Schedule management
    • Maturity stage management
    • Approval management
    • Change management
  • Project controlling / Budget and cost management
    • Variant management
    • Product and cost management
  • Report and committee management
  • Weight management
  • Supplier management

Benefit from our extensive experience and efficient processes:

  • Strategic and operational sourcing
    • International procurement market analyses
    • Make-or-buy analyses
    • Operational tender/quotation process
    • Price negotiations (project/serial)
    • Order processing
    • Tool procurement
  • Specimen/prototype procurement
    • Supplier management
    • Change management
    • Escalation management
  • Approval management

From a one-stop-shop. We will manage the entire vehicle for you:

  • Homologation / Type testing incl. CO2 management
  • Management of the validation of the entire vehicle incl. 
    • Thermal management
    • Aerodynamics
    • Noise interference
    • Ground clearance
    • Performance and consumption
  • Vehicle control system
    • Plan, align, use
    • Manage vehicle configuration
  • Fault/issue management

Safe and sustainable. We will deal with everything related to quality and environmental management. 

  • Risk management to avoid errors (FMEA) in the development phase
    • Consultancy
    • Moderate
    • Create
  • Sustainability incl. monitoring
    • Use of secondary materials
    • Environmental accounting
    • Compliance with EU directives
  • Quality management
    • Planning
    • Management
  • Samplings

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Holger Mösch

Vice President Operations – Engineering Integration & Management Services

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