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Solutions for the Electrical Industry.

The electrical industry is a key driver of innovation. Bertrandt, one of the leading solution providers for electrical engineering, provides the necessary know-how and expertise. Our main fields are electronics development, automation, software development, mechatronics and design services, as well as all issues relating to testing and validation.

In an age of digitisation with Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and cloud solutions, the electrical industry puts innovations into practice to meet everyday requirements. Electrical engineering ensures that even older machines can become more intelligent, that autonomous transportation systems can recognise their environment and that software can function reliably and is suitable for its application.

Bertrandt supplies individual components such as an electronic assembly or complete automation solutions, including mechatronics and the validation of the complete product in accordance with the standards.

Electronics development forms the basis of many innovations: the Internet of Things (IoT), devices for the interconnection of sensors and actuators or new solutions for electronic measuring and control systems, such as new evaluation electronics. Often, however, it is also a matter of smoothly adapting existing products to new markets. By applying adaptation developments or comprehensive redesigns, we provide product facelifts and optimised components or adapt user interfaces to the requirements of different markets. 

Example: automated production in the paper industry

We have developed a sensor system for paper production in order to completely cover all physical manufacturing parameters. All key production data are recorded, pre-processed and stored. This enables us to apply all production-relevant parameters to optimise the production process or to improve quality. The information can be integrated into higher-level control systems and into the ERP system via implemented interfaces.

Service for obsolescence management

One of our many services in the engineering sector is obsolescence management. Product cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, market variants are becoming more diverse, and it is often not possible – particularly for products with a long lifetime – to ensure component variability until the end of the product life. In the redesign process, we ensure that circuit boards, firmware or functional software are adapted accordingly.

In cooperation with an established partner for electronics manufacturing (EMS), we create the possibility to produce the first functional prototypes even during the development phase. In doing so, we pay particular attention to component availability and component costs. Furthermore, we can provide further support for the product during series production, delivery, after sales and services, right through to the end of production and end of life. The product owners always remain the actual customers.

Our services for electronics development and electrical planning

  • Analogue and digital circuit technology
  • Circuit design and layout
  • Hardware design and circuit simulation
  • Obsolescence management
  • Change management
  • Product analyses
  • Development/product documentation
  • Hardware planning and design for switching systems
  • Instrumentation and control technology

Machines and plants are becoming more intelligent, transport systems operate without drivers, and production processes are becoming increasingly interconnected, monitored and optimised. For these sectors, we provide individual solutions by applying automation components, sensors and actuators from different suppliers and make machines and processes smarter. We develop functions and software and deliver solution-oriented implementation.

It is not only in the process industry that systems are required to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to the actual function, we develop supportive visualisation solutions and, if required, provide service and support for our solutions on 365 days a year.

Example: development of driverless transport vehicles (Automated Guided Vehicle, AGV)

Solutions developed by Bertrandt for automated guided vehicles in different continents are used to deliver containers fully automatically to specified locations in port areas. The vehicles move in an automated cycle and communicate with the crane control centre and other control systems to load and unload ships. For this purpose, we develop embedded programs for fail-safe control systems, fence controls and safety-related access concepts for persons. We also provide support for the process in order to fulfil legal requirements and the rules specified by professional associations. We also test functional safety and ensure conformity with the applicable machine directives.

Our services for automation

  • Programming (PLC, embedded, controllers, fail-safe systems)
  • Application development
  • Product development support
  • Project planning
  • Plant connectivity and process data handling
  • Visualisation and interfaces
  • Bus connection and M2M communication protocols
  • Process control technology
  • Robotics/instrumentation and control technology
  • Commissioning service

We apply agile development methods to enable complex products to be manufactured faster and more efficiently. In this way, we can deliver the first executable partial results and prototypes more efficiently and implement customer needs, usability issues and the user experience in a better way.

When it comes to software and programming, a particularly decisive factor is the suitable quality of the software architecture. We provide continuous solutions and take responsibility for all stages of software development, including testing and validation.

As safety and security issues play an increasingly significant role, it becomes more and more important to develop safety-related software and error-free interaction with hardware components.

Example: programming a SIMATIC-S7 controller

During the implementation of a complex customer project, it was found that the performance of the PLC control system had reached its limits due to the steadily increasing range of functions. By adding and coupling a further SIMATIC-S7 controller, we succeeded in providing a scalable and high-performance solution using this distributed function/software architecture.

Our software services

  • Software architecture
  • Software development
  • Model-based software
  • Embedded systems
  • Basic and application software
  • Safety-related software
  • Code generation
  • Test specification
  • Software testing
  • Software processes and methods
  • User interfaces
  • Database development

Bertrandt provides a wide range of mechatronic solutions to meet the requirements of the electrical industry. We apply our experience from mechanical construction, electronics development, software and IT. This enables us to support our customers in design concepts right through to the development of test systems.

An increasingly important field of mechatronics is precision engineering/micro-mechanics. Among other things, we develop solutions with nanometre-range precision. The design of high-precision systems must take the entire process chain and fault tolerance chain into account. In addition to the appropriate design, this also requires the right selection of materials, positional accuracy and reproducibility. In addition, we develop software and hardware components to complete our product solutions.

Example: degree of protection requirements

Among other things, we develop mechatronic products for applications in different conditions. To do this, we derive concepts and assume responsibility for design services, for example to protect a housing against the ingress of moisture. We carry out simulations on thermal development, create cooling concepts and adapt the housing design accordingly. In addition, we carry out adaptation development for the electronics to meet the respective degree of protection requirements.

Our services for mechatronics and design

  • 3D design (e.g. NX, Catia, etc.)
  • Precision engineering/mechanical engineering (steel, aluminium and plastic injection moulding)
  • Housing design for/and planning of electronic assemblies
  • Equipment layout and package
  • Integration of electric components
  • Electric wiring and connection technology
  • EMC-compliant design
  • Design of HMI components such as control elements, displays and touchscreens

Bertrandt has more than 40 years of experience in testing and validation concepts. We specify test scenarios, perform electrical, mechanical, physical and acoustic tests, and carry out tests for robustness and reliability. We support, specify and carry out development-supporting tests, for example to discover the physical limits of a product, even going as far as a misuse perspective.     Furthermore, we provide support for complete series of tests for a potential product release, taking into account the valid release and testing requirements of the components. Among other things, we have accreditation in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

For us, environmental simulation or electrical function tests are tools for recognising weak points and improvement possibilities for the benefit of the product. Our aim is to make the possible causes of functional defects and faults transparent at an early stage. For this purpose, we evaluate and analyse test results, draw conclusions and derive possible recommendations on how products can be improved.

We make use of comprehensive process knowledge and expertise gained over many years, ranging from electronics to mechatronics design. Bertrandt has extensive testing laboratories and simulation environments for product qualification, including the construction of testing systems. 

Our services for testing and validation

  • Component and system test stands
  • Test automation
  • Test management
  • Simulation/stimulation
  • Planning and evaluation of test requirements
  • Execution of component/system tests
  • Reliability and robustness tests
  • Function/endurance tests
  • Climate/environment
  • Analysis, evaluation, consulting
  • Release recommendations
  • Certified and accredited testing laboratories
  • Security Testing

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