Product Engineering

Vehicle development at Bertrandt means understanding, reliably providing our own thoughts on and efficiently designing all processes involved in the creation of a vehicle, component, module or system in its entirety. With our services in the Product Engineering departments of Design Solutions, Simulation Solutions and Engineering Integration and Management Services, we provide you with a wide range of solutions throughout the entire vehicle development process – from construction through simulation to the applicable cross-sectional topics.



The Product Engineering division manages all vehicle development at Bertrandt. In addition, the division is responsible for design, simulation and all relevant interdisciplinary topics.

Dr. Andreas Fink, Member of the Board, Technology

Design Solutions

Our mission: In the development of functionality for our customers, we develop high quality components, modules and entire vehicles in our organization of experts.

Simulation Solutions

CAE simulation is an integral part of modern product development processes and it has a crucial impact on the successful implementation of innovative ideas.

Engineering Integration & Management Services

When developing complex products, the accompanying processes and interdisciplinary functions, such as mechanics, electronics and software, must be seamlessly integrated with one another.