Comprehensive Testing of Vehicle Air Conditioning

A comfortable climate is essential for the well-being of vehicle occupants, which means that the heating, cooling and ventilation systems must function perfectly. At Bertrandt we offer a comprehensive portfolio of test services for vehicle air conditioning/HVAC at all our sites. These range from individual tests to the validation of components and vehicles during the development process. As an accredited test lab  (DIN 17025), we carry out all the standards-based validation processes and a variety of other tests relating to climate comfort, providing a flexible, efficient and thorough service.


Automotive HVAC testing

In the vehicle, we evaluate whether airflows and vents are correctly positioned and correspond with the design specifications. We measure every aspect of the heating and air conditioning system from the fan, the airflows and the temperature (right and left) to the system’s efficiency and ability to direct the air. We also run all the necessary tests for leaks, defrost/defog functions and other functional requirements.


Validating air conditioning and heating components and systems during development

Our experienced team provides support for customers during the prototyping phase and can also carry out tests and validation processes to accompany the development of a complete vehicle. We have the necessary flexibility to make changes or rectify problems as they arise. In addition, we are able to support new suppliers. Our services include driving tests in customers’ in-house test facilities for the approval of a prototype or vehicle, for example.


High-voltage PTC heater test for electric cars

As electric motors do not produce any waste heat, new energy-saving heating concepts are needed for electric cars. One solution is the use of energy-efficient high-voltage or PTC heating systems. We have been offering customers PTC heater testing services in our own specially developed test facilities since 2019.


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Vice President Operations – eMobility Testing Solutions