1974 Establishment: Harry Bertrandt opens an engineering office in the Swabian town, Möglingen.
End of the 1970s Automotive development: entry into the design of vehicle components.
1980 Establishment of first office: Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH in Sindelfingen.
1982-2011 Expansion in Germany, Europe and the USA. Further additions to our range of services, for example Rapid Prototyping, modelling, testing, vehicle construction.
1993 Management buy-out: Dietmar Bichler and Heinz Kenkmann acquire the shares held by Harry Bertrandt.
1996 Stock exchange listing: The listing on the Frankfurt stock exchange on the regular market.
1997 Segment change 1: New market.
1999 Complete development: First driving prototype.
2000 Entrance into the aviation engineering: Subsidiary opens in Hamburg.
2001-2004 Equity participation: 2001 Porsche 25.01 per cent. 2004 ThyssenKrupp 25.2 per cent.
2001 New executive committee structure: Dietmar Bichler becomes CEO.
2003 Segment change 2: Prime Standard, Automobile.
2004 Strategy and organizational alignment: Cross-linking know-how through group wide organised competence centres, new services along the automotive value-added chain.
2005 Aviation: New Bremen subsidiary.
2007 New industries: Supporting Services for customers in the electrical engineering, energy, mechanical/plant engineering and medical technology sectors.
2008 Major shareholdings: Porsche 25.01 per cent (since 2001); LBBW Unternehmensgruppe (SüdKB) 24.99 per cent.
2009 Stock exchange: Bertrandt share in SDAX.
2011 Major shareholders: Porsche 25.01 per cent (since 2001); LBBW Group 5.29 per cent; Boysen 14.9 per cent; management/employees 13.88 percent. Expansion of our range of services relating to all aspects of electromobility.
2012 Targeted expansion of facilities and range of technologies along the entire process chain of product development.
Since 2013 Further expansion of our range of services relating to all aspects of the market trends of environmentally friendly mobility, safety, comfort and connectivity.


Bertrandt AG

Birkensee 1, 71139 Ehningen, Germany