Exterior testing: from individual add-on parts to the entire system

Just as important as the entire exterior appearance when purchasing a vehicle, so are the functions of all the exterior components. Together, they must reflect the quality of the vehicle to the customer over its entire service life. Bertrandt subjects the exterior, as well as all individual components, to many comprehensive tests. This range of services extends from basic test drives all the way to load tests and the simulation of environmental influences.

The test spectrum of our specialist team includes the service life and material tests as well as load and misuse tests. Of course, the exterior tests are carried out in accordance with the applicable legal requirements, such as ECE R42 pendulum. Among other things, we also pay special attention to the possible misalignment of components due to expansion and contraction, as well as their fit after vibrational loads. In addition, we simulate a wide range of environmental influences, such as desert heat and dust, and icy or dry winters.

Integrated system view

The interaction of bumper, glass work and amatdd-on parts in the overall system is our core business. This also includes the integration of sensor technology, which is becoming increasingly important due to expanding driver assistance systems. We have built up a variety of expertise in this complex system approach from various projects, which we apply performance-oriented to further drive our design and development of new topics.

What needs to be taken into the account when injection molding test parts in order to prevent unwanted shrinkage of the said components? Which type of fastening techniques are necessary in certain which cases? Can they be dispensed with, and if so, are there alternatives? We carry out these and many other investigations in the laboratory, on the workshop floor and during various tests, on and off track. Rain simulation, cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner, defrosting behaviors of windshields or car wash tests are just as much part of our range of tasks as material oscillation and various load tests under a wide variety of climatic conditions.

High quality requirements for the exterior

Large gaps, component misalignments, creaking bumpers or decorative strips with an uneven surface: we always keep an eye on these "showstoppers" when we check the entire exterior and glass area using detailed regulations:

  • Tension/compression tests: Static and dynamic stress tests on and in the front end of the vehicle to check and determine functionality (forces acting on the catch hooks), and all the way to the misuse test. High-precision rod or cable displacement sensors monitor and determine any deformation caused by loading forces or moments.
  • Load / service life testing on bumpers: Up to 40 shakers (3 axes sequential) with a force range of 10 kN to 200 kN with climatic overlay (- 70 °C to + 180 °C; relative humidity up to 95%) available. The tests are carried out under environmental influences such as cold, heat, dust and moisture. A comprehensive test result is generated with a view to observation focal points such as abrasion, squeak resistance / creaking behavior and the function of all built-in surrounding components.
  • Pendulum: Checks according to specific manufacturer requirements and legal requirements (e.g. ECE R42, material pendulum). The test spectrum ranges from the VW and up to the Crafter XXL. The tests can be carried out at room temperature or with climatic preconditioning. Climatic chambers of up to 180 m³ with a temperature range of – 60 °C to + 180 °C and 5% to 95% relative humidity are available for this purpose.

Facts and Figures

  • Robotics
  • Electromechanics
  • Pneumatics

We develop replacement tests that save time and money, design and manufacture test frames and test fixtures for a realistic vehicle environment. We use our expert know-how from the creation of a wide variety of test specifications to achieve a result quickly, effectively and transparently.

70 rod displacement sensors and 20 cable displacement sensors with a very high accuracy of 1 µm, e.g. for the following:

  • Gap measurement
  • Tension and pressure measurement
  • Vibration measurement
  • Laser displacement measurement
  • Speed measurement

Accredited lab testing according to ISO/IEC 17025

  • ISO 9001, 14001


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Karl-Heinz Weinberger

Vice President Operations – eMobility Testing Solutions