Complete Vehicle Testing

Validating Components and Systems in a Functional Network

The combined validation of vehicle components and systems makes tests more complex, but also gives more meaningful results. Bertrandt has more than 30 years’ experience of complete vehicle evaluation and runs tests in the field and on test benches with all the necessary testing and measuring equipment. In addition, our experienced engineers can develop new solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirements as closely as possible.

The vehicle: areas of testing and skills

For complete vehicle testing, we draw on a wide variety of testing disciplines across our organization, in particular in the Environmental Simulation, ADAS Validation, Acoustics/Noise and Vehicle Comfort departments. The seamless technical cooperation between the various teams and the highly efficient processes bring considerable benefits for our customers.

Vehicle acoustics example: limits and acoustic radiation

Acoustic phenomena are of major importance in electric vehicles and many cars generate a characteristic engine sound. In addition to functional testing, components also have to comply with strict acoustic limits and fulfil psychoacoustic expectations. At two Bertrandt sites, we have acoustic test systems that can perform the necessary tests. This involves evaluating complete vehicles under load and in real-life conditions to identify any noticeable acoustic phenomena and to ensure that the cars comply with the specified limits by generating reproducible measurements.

Vehicle comfort example: air conditioning that meets passengers’ needs

Levels of comfort can only be assessed in the complete vehicle. Because most car models are sold all over the world, the components for air conditioning systems must be developed carefully and tested thoroughly. Across all Bertrandt’s sites, we have more than 20 complete vehicle climatic test chambers that can simulate sunlight and other weather conditions as well as providing climate functions.

Defrost tests ensure that the air conditioning unit can remove ice from the front and rear windshields very quickly when the ambient temperatures are low to give the driver good visibility and keep the car pleasantly warm inside. In these areas we have more than 25 years’ experience of development, methodologies and testing.

ADAS validation

The latest technologies in the automotive industry, such as electric cars and autonomous driving, have led to the need for final validation in the complete vehicle to ensure that the individual subsystems are correctly networked. We focus on the following areas:

  • Comfort functions: Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Active safety functions: Warning and Brake Assist (WBA)
  • Chassis control: Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Combined body, exterior, and interior testing

We have proven expertise in running large-scale projects and can test different areas of a vehicle simultaneously and in combination. We also bring together the accompanying processes, such as supplier management, parts handling, test set-up workshops, test planning (validation plan) and the presentation of results for a variety of international systems suppliers, to provide a highly efficient service. The benefits include reductions in testing costs, numbers of vehicle bodies (and prototypes) and testing cycles (duration and number).

In this context, substitute tests that simulate natural weathering are also an option. We have a special extra-large complete vehicle chamber where sunrise and sunset can be reproduced. This reduces the need to run expensive, time-consuming weathering tests in other countries.

Important points at a glance: Examples of complete vehicle testing

  • Tire/road noise
  • Powertrain noise
  • (Reducing) sound sources and unwanted noise
  • Psychoacoustic considerations in the interior
  • Accelerated pass-by noise tests
  • Temperature storage tests
  • Temperature conditioning tests
  • Sunlight simulation
  • Weather conditions
  • Air conditioning
  • Defog
  • Defrost
  • Door endurance tests
  • Closure endurance tests
  • Driving functions (longitudinal and lateral dynamics)
  • Comfort functions: ACC
  • Active safety functions: WBA
  • Chassis control: ESC
  • Road testing
  • Complete vehicle climatic test chamber
  • Complete vehicle sunlight simulation chamber
  • Measuring equipment for driving functions (including driving robots and ADAS sensors)
  • Data acquisition for a variety of different physical parameters based on signals controlled by the CAN Bus
  • Pneumatically/electrically operated test set-ups for functional endurance tests
  • Robotic systems

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