Development and validation services for electric vehicles

Bertrandt’s "eMotion" initiative

The world of mobility is changing: new technologies, new usage scenarios, new markets, and new market participants. New technologies are revolutionizing the powertrains in our vehicles. Alternative usage scenarios are expanding the way in which we travel. First- and last-mile applications, shared mobility – traffic in our megacities is creating new perspectives on the way we move around and is already making entirely new demands on the mobility ecosystem. Our concept of maximum mobility is changing forever.   

Electric mobility, connectivity, and autonomous driving: rapid technological development is having a huge impact on shortening development cycles. Nevertheless, we still need to meet high demands regarding functionality and safety.  

This is precisely where Bertrandt comes into play as a company and partner. As an integrated engineering service provider, we take a holistic approach to electric mobility. In addition to developing and validating the subsystems of an electric powertrain, we also consider their interactions with each other.  

The increasing market share of electric vehicles and the ever faster expansion of renewable energy resources will make it vitally important to integrate electric vehicles into the energy network in the future. For that reason, we are already investing in the infrastructure required for the development and validation of the necessary charging and communication functions. 

With our many years of expertise as a development partner for major automotive and industrial customers, we are closely familiar with our industries and their trends.  

We keep an eye on all domains and can provide the entire development and validation process to suit your needs. As one of the largest engineering service providers, we can offer development services throughout Europe. We are a reliable and innovative partner for our customers – both today and in the future.  

Our development and validation services for you:

Development, production, first and second life, and recycling: we can provide comprehensive expertise throughout the entire battery life cycle to ensure efficient consulting and implementation:  

  • Requirements management 

  • Systems engineering 

  • Simulation 

  • Quality / functional safety 

  • E/E hardware development  

  • Design 

  • Basic software development  

  • Application software development  

  • Backend development  

  • Test management 

  • Testing 

  • Diagnostics 

  • Production 

  • Recycling 

  • After sales 

Development and validation of mechanical and electrical components and systems as well as complete electric machines for automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications. We carry out development according to the V-model with process monitoring under ASPICE, construction variants, optimization, or new electric powertrains. Whether it is a DC or AC machine or a synchronous or asynchronous motor, we can offer you a continuous product development service from start to finish.  

  • Requirements management 

  • Layout of the powertrain solution  

  • Design concept with electrical and mechanical integration into the powertrain system  

  • Design and detailing of all subassemblies of the electric machine using high-end CAD tools  

  • Simulation of all electrical and mechanical limit load states that occur 

  • Test bench development and construction     

  • Testing of individual drives and drive systems       

  • Industry: high demands and reliability in the load collective of the application     

  • Aerospace: compliance with safety requirements while increasing the power density  

  • Automotive: combination of efficiency and dynamics for optimum driving performance even with adaptation of the transmission  

For all key components such as DC/DC inverters, DC/AC inverters, and on-board chargers (OBC), we carry out development according to the ASPICE V-model for our OEM, supply chain, and industrial customers – with a high level of flexibility from small production quantities to complete developments and system integration.  

  • Systems engineering   

  • Embedded software development  

  • Hardware electronics development  

  • Mechanical design  

  • Test management and analysis  

  • Testing  

  • Warranty part analysis  

  • Feasibility analyses 

  • Agile and flexible solution-finding 

All sub-areas of vehicle charging, charging stations, and interoperability: from the use case to function and system development, from validation and interoperability testing to support and after sales. From a small series to a large-scale project. 

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The entire spectrum of component and system development in the ASPICE V-model: 

  • Requirements and change management 

  • Project management  

  • Test specification  

  • Test design 

  • Test implementation  

  • Test metrics 

  • Test planning  

  • Test execution  

  • Test review, incl. release recommendation  

  • CAD and installation space analysis  

  • Design data evaluation  

  • 3D model positioning  

  • Drawings review and tolerance analysis   

  • Baselining  

  • Version management  

  • System error analysis  

  • Component error analysis  

  • Error tracking and reporting 

Efficient thermal management plays a key role in the development of electrical systems and their subsequent use phase. The thermal influences on components, comfort, range, and performance releases have to be considered and optimally balanced. Our services on the component and system level: 

  • Requirements management  

  • Constructional design (cooling & refrigerant circuits)  

  • Thermal simulation  

  • System integration  

  • Software application  

  • Testing and validation (component & system test benches and complete vehicle)  

  • Validation & analysis  

  • Design of cable and line routing (electrical/thermal), length, cross-sections  

  • Interdependencies between the on-board power system and E/E architecture   

  • Energy/power management   

  • Thermal management for hardware  

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), shielding, avoidance  

We consider the development and all the measures relating to the production, transportation, and overall expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure. In both derivation and application, we implement projects for the integration and validation of components for the thermal management systems of fuel cell vehicles.   

Bertrandt’s "eMotion" initiative

All services and activities in the field of electric mobility at Bertrandt are centrally organized as part of our “eMotion” Group-wide initiative. By interlinking the respective Centers of Competence (CoCs) and the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and experience that this provides, as well as through cooperation across different sites, we ensure a consistently high level of quality in consulting and implementation for our customers, also by providing personal contact partners. 

Do you have any questions concerning your project? Do you need more detailed information? Or do you have some requirements arising from your own project? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation. Your personal contact partners will ready to help you at short notice:  

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Thomas von Harten

Vice President Operations – Head of eMotion by Bertrandt

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