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We are at your side for everything relating to alternative drives. We will accelerate technological progress for you throughout the entire development process of your e-drive development, from design to integration. Your individual needs are our key focus. To this end, we offer you scalable project teams providing a winning combination of passion and customer focus, and – together with our colleagues in “Testing Solutions” – can provide our own infrastructure for the testing, virtual verification and certification of your solution.

As diverse as our teams: Automotive, Avionic, Rail and Sea

We have a clear vision for the development of electric powertrains: dynamic, quiet and with zero emissions. To achieve this, we provide you with excellence from a single source. Our experts have successfully completed hundreds of projects over the last decade. We can now make this know-how available to you. From development to validation, we offer you scalable project teams that profitably combine passion with customer focus. In doing so, we make use of multi-departmental functions to optimize costs. Our own testing infrastructures also ensure reliable validation of our development and application.

Overview of our eMobility Systems subject areas:

Benefit from our many years of experience in the series development of large-format cells as the basis for future cell and energy storage system development.

  • Cell analysis, characterization and testing
  • Development and supplier management from advance development to series production
  • Technical consulting
  • Verification, testing and validation
  • Integration

The cell as the foundation of the system: competence in electrical engineering and chemistry.

From the initial idea to series production: Benefit from our wide range of expertise in the creation of energy storage system concepts and their development as the basis for customer-specific energy storage solutions.

  • Requirement-based development
  • Modeling of energy behavior
  • Function development and calibration as well as commissioning on HiL, the battery system or the vehicle
  • Development control, technical project management and supplier management, safety system design according to ISO 26262
  • Prototypes and small-series production
  • Predictive maintenance and HMI

From a single source: your tailor-made energy storage system.

Converters / Inverters / Battery Management      

To ensure your project success: our team has a system perspective as the basis for holistic development.

  • Components: converter / inverter, battery manager and on-board charger
  • Services:
    • Systems and requirements engineering
    • Hardware development: circuits, routing and simulation
    • Software development: application software and control
    • Prototype development
    • Virtual and physical validation
    • Integration and application
    • Test management and test analytics
  • Standards and guidelines:
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 17025
    • ISO 26262
    • Up to A-Spice Level2

Reliability through experience: control systems for your electric powertrain.

Converters / inverters

  • Requirement management ASPICE L2
  • Hardware concept creation for circuit diagram and PCB
  • Circuit simulation, layout / routing
  • Prototypes
  • Control algorithms and programming
  • Test coordination and test analytics

Battery management

  • Battery Management System (BMS) function development
  • Functionality testing, incl. finite state machine validation 
  • Thermal management
  • Functionality and environmental testing on the battery system on the component test stand
  • BMS testing in the complete vehicle
  • Functionality testing in the SiL system
  • Hardware manipulation for error activation

Networking with energy, not only in the high-voltage range.

  • Starter / generator / belt generator 
  • Creation of test specifications on the system/component level
  • On-board power system stability in multi-voltage systems
  • On-board power system simulation and component simulation

Energy management

  • Function development of the energy management (EM) system and EM diagnosis
  • Quiescent current measurements / analyses
  • Validation and integration
  • Diagnosis

Energy that is always managed.

Our expertise in functional mechanics design for electromagnetic design and simulation.

  • Functional mechanics design for the electric machine and inverter
  • Electromagnetic and thermal design and optimization of electric machines using FEM software
  • Calculation and optimization of electric machines, e.g. efficiency and loss maps, limit characteristics
  • Automated and multi-criteria optimization using brute force or particle swarm
  • Thermal management and cooling
  • Validation on our own test stands

From the design to the validation of your electric machine.

Transmission Development for Housings / Gear Shafts / Parking Lock

    • Compound transmission for electric powertrains
    • Concept design, calculation and simulation
    • Lubrication, cooling and ventilation systems
    • Patented Bertrandt transmission parking lock test stand

For your project success: our team with its overall view of the development of compound transmissions for electric powertrains.

Rely on our interdisciplinary team of experts with competence in all aspects of energy and charging management.

  • Component development:
    On-board battery management system, charging stations, integration of the charger into the electric vehicle, etc.
  • Validation of the charging system:
    Smart charging according to ISO 15118, validation of interoperability, function tests, etc.
  • Compatibility:
    Validation of the compatibility between the vehicle and the charging system, analysis of charging interruptions
  • Energy market:
    Energy management, energy sales
  • Charging solutions for fleets
  • Grid solutions

We take a holistic view of charging.

Competence in construction: for your success in all areas of energy management.

  • Support for power grid calculation and application for connection to the power grid
  • Equipment design
  • Independent review and assessment of grid compatibility tests
  • Grid integration of vehicle fleets and charging management
  • Optimization of energy consumption
  • Development of and support for company-wide energy management concepts
  • Consulting service for strategic issues in the context of electric mobility and charging
  • Calculation of degree of protection

Expertise in electrical engineering at your service.

More than mobility.

  • Ships and Yachting
    • Alternative drive systems
  • Rail
    • Railway lines: signal box / points / overhead power lines
    •  Points and point motors, sensor systems
    • EMUs and railcars / rolling stock
  • Avionics
  • Drives / Servomotors
    • Actuators
    • Converters
    • Control systems / communication systems
  • Stationary / Storage Systems
    • Concept and advance development
    • Design, development and validation (household and grid scale)
    • Converters for industrial plant and decentralized PV energy supply
    • Line filter equipment
    • Battery/grid management

Driving your business.

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