Process Planning and Optimization

Industrial engineering for the highest technological demands

We offer efficient, intelligent and forward-looking solutions guaranteeing comprehensive planning from the initial concept to the final series. Living up to our motto, “the best solution for every customer”, we implement projects using the most modern planning tools, from consultation and conception to getting your smart factory up and running.



Henry Ford once said: “If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.” Today, innovation is more important than ever. In the future, the efficiency of process development in a production facility will be characterised by the technologies it uses. My team develops tailor-made production processes in connection with the latest methods and supports you in optimising manufacturing costs.

Alex März, Team Manager Process Planning and Optimization

Because of our years-long experience in many different sectors, we are able to guarantee you unified project handling with the use of the most modern planning tools and smart, efficient, forward-looking solutions.


Complete production concepts from a sole provider! Planning entire production sites, from the individual lines to workflow planning for manufacturing processes.

We take on the work of process development and develop individual, tailor-made production processes for you. Benefit from our knowledge of how to safeguard you against the economic risks of production concepts using feasibility studies and well-grounded economic assessments.

With our deep-rooted knowledge, we safeguard your production processes, from determining targets to their ultimate achievement, in such a way that weak points in the concept and quality can be recognised early and eliminated at low cost. Thanks to our consistent processes, we make the use of synergies for connected fields possible along the value-added chain.

Use our expertise in tolerance simulation, measurement planning and process capability, in combination with smart tools, to define and apply the optimal approach for your processes.

Reducing manufacturing costs is playing an ever greater role in production – and is subject to constant change.
Our team optimises collaboration between humans, materials and machines in workplace design through the use of ultra-modern methods. With efficient line balancing and scheduling in workplaces, you can achieve higher flexibility and optimise production processes by eliminating bottlenecks.

We optimise your internal transport and its external linkages by planning overhead transport technologies. To this end, we offer you knowledge of overhead, floor, skid and container conveyors, as well as pushing devices.

Together with our experts, make the right choice from among the wide range of products and solutions on offer and reach your productivity goals. We are your implementation and consultation partner and will develop tailor-made solutions comprehensively for you.

Increasing numbers of variants, smaller runs, price and cost pressure create a complexity that can barely be comprehended. Use our expertise to ensure your internal and external logistics processes and systems are efficient, flexible and reliable.

We will be happy to support you not just in logistics planning, but also to optimise all your existing processes, helping minimise inbound, outbound and intralogistics costs.

Tools / Methods

  • CAD applications
  • Microstation HLS / AutoCAD
  • Plant Simulation
  • MTM / REFA

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Alex März

Team Manager Process Planning and Optimization