Quality Management

High product and process quality with professional requirements management

With our interdisciplinary approach and application-oriented quality management methods, we are able to develop and implement solutions within all our customers’ departments independently and flexibly. We ensure project-related, interdepartmental collaboration between all stakeholders and support the achievement of goals with an implementation-oriented approach. Because of our extensive experience in quality management, we are able to take over comprehensive project responsibility with our solutions. 



From development and production tasks to flexible mass production, we support customers across the world – reliably, sustainably and with a focus on the goal thanks to our tried-and-tested quality methods and processes.

Werner Ritzer, Head of Department Quality Management

Our specialists support and help you in the following tasks:

We work continuously together with you to improve your production processes and infrastructure, helping to identify potential errors early on. By applying our extensive customer-oriented analytical competence, deviations can be detected, traced and eliminated as quickly as possible.

Our experienced consultants will support you in introducing the standardised, tried-and-tested quality criteria which form the foundation for robust, capable processes. We are there for you at all times to help you reach your quality goals and support you in the implementation of error-avoidance and elimination measures. 

We will be happy to offer you the benefit of our expertise in the development and running of comprehensive, sustainable complaints management. Because of our experience in the field of technical component diagnostics and test reports, as well as in method-based measure management, we are able to improve products, production sequences and business processes continuously.

Our experts will support you in professional preparation, execution and follow-up for supplier audits. Thanks to our remote approach, we can also offer virtual inspections, allowing our customers to achieve savings in this area.

With our extensive knowledge of sampling, process series, requalification and process audits, we create the transparency needed to design manufacturing processes to unified standards.

To ensure constant product quality, we offer our customers a comprehensive quality assurance tool when their product is initially sampled.

Supported by data gathering and analysis, alongside a comprehensive monitoring approach, we minimise the risk within the supply chain and ensure stability and quality within your process landscape.

As a reliable partner, we take on all tasks relating to support for serial production within your project business. From small series to mass production, our trained employees can take on the technical product management and supplier management tasks. With our extensive project experience, we can rapidly identify optimisation potential in the collaborative environment between client and supplier, thus ensuring project success.

You can also profit from our method-based support systems, providing industrialisation solutions in combination with effective supply chain management from a single provider. In this we use reliable and structured quality methodssuch as Six Sigma, APQP, PPAP, Ishikawa, 8D.

With professional requirements management, we relieve the burden of determining and documenting all product specifications and record all relevant requirements from the decision-making interface partners centrally.

Our specialists relieve you with technical and practical know-how to adapt the individual adjustment of the regulations in occupational safety and accident prevention to your operating conditions. With the support of our team, you will receive new, validated, occupational health and safety knowledge and achieve the highest possible efficiency with our many years of experience.

Profit from the cooperation with our experts by:

  • calculable costs
  • cost savings for training and further education
  • no downtime
  • no time-consuming research
  • use of our know-how
  • use of synergy effects
  • concentration on the core business.

Through our profound knowledge we bring new perspectives to your company and guarantee sustainability and quality in occupational health and safety.  We enable you to meet the legal requirements at a fair price.

Tools / Methods

  • Six Sigma, Ishikawa, 8D, PDCA, KVP
  • Data Analytics, customer-specific work environments
  • Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Python, Microsoft SharePoint
  • CAD applications

Your Contact

Thomas Jäschke

Team Manager Quality Management