Digital Factory

Factory planning supported by the most modern technology

Smart factory – a vision of the future? Do you know how much added value the data from your factory, plant and even individual machines can generate?

Our experts will help you in digital factory planning and provide models, methods and tools to digitally represent and safeguard the functioning of plants, processes and products. With data continuity along the value-added chain, we will implement the entire planning, realisation and control system. In addition, we will continuously optimise all production processes and resources in connection with the product.


Our experience shows that it is not usually a matter of integrating the digital factory comprehensively, but rather targeting digital models, methods and tools to specific processes, solutions and improvements. We ensure interdepartmental operation and, thanks to optimal data continuity, close the circuit between product development and production control. The benefit for you: the right decision at the touch of a button!

Nils Sothmann, Team Manager Digital Factory

Benefit from our knowledge of the following solutions:

With digital models, methods and tools, our experts can carry out a well-founded layout plan for your factory. Profit from our knowledge and generate more sales with optimised cycle time planning.

In virtual production, we can purposefully carry out collision detection to ensure good flow relationships within work processes. Through well-thought-out spatial monitoring, we can offer new options for safeguarding danger spots.

Thanks to our professional simulation, you can establish a highly efficient and effective material flow in logistics and production. This will increase the profitability of production in the long term and reduce operating costs.

Are you planning an automation project? Our experts can give you detailed advice on the professional implementation of your projects alongside the best possible controllers (PLC) to regulate machines and plants. We offer tailor-made solutions for every sector and application. Thanks to our large network, we can support you with modern project management and the implementation of your automation solution – all from a single provider. The digital twin allows your machines’ and plants’ processes to be simulated before your control software is launched, meaning faults can be corrected in advance.

Tools / Methods

  • Layout tools (Microstation, AutoCAD)
  • CAD tools
  • Simulation tools (Plant Simulation, Process Simulate)
  • EPlan P8
  • WinCC Tia, WinCC flex
  • STEP S7 classic
  • Beckhoff TwinCat 2/3

Your Contact

Nils Sothmann

Team Manager Digitale Fabrik