Smart Apps

Data Visualization 

Our powerful web applications enable you to monitor your equipment from wherever you are and on different devices. You can clearly see whether everything is running smoothly or if there are any challenges ahead, thus enabling your colleagues to plan and carry out service or production assignments.

Cloud Solutions 

Take the next digitalization step with our cloud solutions. Benefit from the most secure method of digital data processing and use the tremendous power of these cloud systems for the fastest possible updates for your equipment. 

Our Services in Detail

We offer you smart applications with intuitive and appropriate visualizations that are tailor-made for your application.

Our smart applications range from the automated presentation of data in a clear and intuitive form and maintenance and portal solutions for direct intervention in daily business to a complete digital twin of your plant, factory, or machine.

All of our smart applications are focused on providing you with benefits. Our aim is to ensure that all your employees have the opportunity to do their work faster, more efficiently, and in a more targeted manner.

Our platforms and portals can be accessed at any time and from anywhere that has internet access. You can view the status of your company or your equipment from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and you can do this remotely from any location (office, business trip, home office, etc.). Maintenance activities can also be carried out remotely via our portals, thus providing a huge increase in service flexibility.

Only the necessary and important information is provided for each employee in your company. In combination with a state-of-the-art security and role system, we ensure that sensitive data and information always remain with the right people. You can determine which and how much information should reach the respective employees and customers.

Together with you and your team, our UI/UX experts develop intuitive strategies for operating the applications and ensure that all the needs of the various parties are taken into account. Agile development processes aimed at providing a usable system in a short time enable you to involve all your employees in your digitalization projects at an early stage and to take feedback into account during the development process.

If you opt for a cloud solution, you will have additional possibilities for data processing, speed, data storage, and analysis methods, using proven and innovative technologies from the best-known cloud providers and taking your application to the next level.

We offer you a wide range of options. From the depiction of your daily business and integration of the cloud to analyses and forecasts using cloud services – everything is possible!  

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Head of Software Development

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