Digitalization does not mean that systems, machines, or vehicles have to be replaced completely. We make your existing equipment fit for the future and for the age of Industry 4.0.


We provide you with the right connectors to enable existing and new systems, machines, or vehicles to be connected to a wide variety of interfaces. This takes you a step forward to the Internet of Things and also ensures the smartification of your processes.

Our Services in Detail

Your product development process forms the basis for your success. You have invested in equipment and machines to ensure the highest quality. So instead of renewing your machine and equipment pool, let us carry out retrofitting to make use of the full potential of your existing systems. Retrofitting is the preparation of systems, machines, vehicles or other equipment for the elementary basis of digitalization. And this basis is data.

Are you facing the challenge of how to use existing data to your best advantage? Opaque and heterogeneous landscapes of information sources make it necessary to use different tools in parallel in order to pave the way to the desired content. This makes cooperation and organization within your company more difficult. This problem can be solved by cross-system connectivity and centralized data storage as the basis for evaluating processes and products.

We can help you take this first digitalization step by retrofitting your systems in such a way that data can be generated and centralized. This increases the degree of automation and creates new opportunities.

Existing systems can be expanded with the addition of new electronic systems or sensors in order to generate data, or existing interfaces can be used and connected.

Whether you use conventional PLC solutions with OPC servers, modern robots with an MQTT interface, or special solutions using IPCs – our connectors bring all available data together in one place. Our connectors provide a direct connection to your process control system or your visualization on the field bus level. We support both state-of-the-art IoT interfaces and tried-and-tested industrial protocols

Do you have additional information inside your business intelligence systems? With our business connectors, we draw all the information you need from your system and enable production data to be correlated with planning, process, or resource data. We also connect ERP systems, e.g. SAP, by interfaces such as BAPI, SOAP, and REST. 

Do you already have databases in your network? Then use our database connectors to read out this data too and correlate it with other data from your system. Regardless of whether you use relational, object-oriented, or document databases – we can offer you the optimum connector for your database model.

You can also use our connectors to automatically read data from classic Office programs such as Microsoft Word or Excel and to save the data in a structured manner.

Our product range is rounded off with connectors that collect data from the internet. For example, this will enable you to aggregate the latest electricity prices, weather data, traffic conditions, share prices, and many other data and to save them for live evaluations and subsequent analyses.

Are you unsure about the best way to interconnect your system components? Do you need expert advice on digitalization and smartification? In this case too, our experts will be happy to help you.

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Catherine de Beule

Head of Software Development

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