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Data Analytics 

Does your equipment generate data and does it make the data available in a cloud? Then it’s time to generate the maximum possible added value from this. Together with you, we can develop solutions that enable you to unleash potential for improvement, minimize errors, and evaluate performance.

Predictive Maintenance 

In addition to analytical evaluations, we also offer methods and solutions to help you identify equipment faults at an early stage, effectively plan maintenance and personnel deployment, and optimize internal and external processes.

Our Services in Detail

With the aid of data analytics and predictive maintenance, we make sure that you are prepared for the future today.

We use a wide range of algorithms (statistics, machine learning, AI) to answer questions concerning maintenance intervals, failure probabilities, bottleneck situations, or downtime planning.

As a first step, a well-stocked knowledge and fault database can help to ensure better performance in the future. Our accumulated knowledge and information about faults enable us to select algorithms in order to evaluate data and develop suggestions for improvements.

We pay particular attention to predictive maintenance. This is a further way to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and ensure quality. Unplanned downtime can be prevented, service assignments by employees can be planned at an early stage, and production remains at a high quality, as wear can be detected early on and counteracted in a targeted manner.

Even with just a few measures, good results can be achieved, enabling you to upgrade from reactive or preventive maintenance planning to the concrete prediction of failures.

Let us advise you on the best possibilities for your application. We will be happy to create a multi-stage plan for you, from individual "quick wins" to medium-term potential and large-scale big data analysis, in order to minimize your downtime, optimize your maintenance activities, and give you more time to concentrate on your core business.

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