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Data Preparation 

Smart equipment is able to generate data and to make it available for further processing. We can advise you on which data can and should be recorded and support you in preparing your equipment.

Data Processing 

All existing data can generate huge added value if it is passed on to the right systems. We can connect your equipment to the corresponding systems and ensure that your data is passed on reliably and securely.

Our Services in Detail

The digitalization of companies, processes, machines, or components is aimed at increasing efficiency and enabling new digital business models to be implemented.

After retrofitting, your equipment (systems, machines, vehicles, etc.) is already smart, i.e. it provides data that can be retrieved via interfaces. So it’s now time to take the next step: to collect data and to store the data centrally in a meaningful way. This will form the basis for displaying the data and for subsequent correlations and evaluations.

The first question that arises is: which data can be further processed and used sensibly to your advantage? We can advise you on this, based on your processes and goals, and enable you to make optimum use of your existing data.

With our expert knowledge in the field of system architecture, we can develop a future-proof solution for you that receives, stores, and evaluates data from your systems and makes the data available to other (display) systems. It makes no difference whether you want to use existing databases, ERP systems, or other storage locations, or whether you would prefer us to work directly with you on a new (cloud) solution. Intuitive and simple usability and, of course, IT security are the factors that play a key role.

What is important is that your data are prepared in accordance with your processes and goals in such a way that you can use the data in the best possible way, either for visualization or analysis of the data. We make sure that you always have the right data in the right place.

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Catherine de Beule

Head of Software Development

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