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Drives seen holistically

We discover potential and find solutions in the development of forward-looking drives. In this, we do not concentrate on individual components, but consider the entire system and deploy our cross-modular strength in combining elements to benefit you. We provide development services in the fields of thermodynamics and emissions, powertrain control, thermal management and motor mechanics.

Tighter legal frameworks influence all powertrain development areas, because progress can only be achieved by optimizing the system as a whole. That is why at Bertrandt both engineering in thermodynamics and emissions control, drivetrain control, thermal management and engine mechanics as well as testing services are closely intermeshed, and all available from one source.

Overview of our solutions:

Overview of services:

The entire world in one place. And it’s near you. State-of-the-art equipment and perfectly coordinated processes ensure a high level of reliability and cost-effectiveness. In striving for accreditation based on ISO 17025, we provide neutral and non-proprietary solutions for validation, certification and homologation of powertrain concepts of the future.

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Bertrandt develops solutions for the entire emissions control chain. We reduce raw emissions and work on the exhaust aftertreatment. For type approval tests and homologation preparations we will be using our own emission labs in future.

  • Engineering and testing facility services: From charge cycle to charging and right to exhaust aftertreatment, we develop solutions and always strive in the context of conflicting interests, such as drivability, consumption, and emissions, to achieve the optimum result.
  • Labs for chassis dynamometer testing: In our emission labs being built, we operate chassis dynamometers under real environmental conditions related to climate and height, as well as different power outputs and speeds of up to 550 kW and 300 km/h.
  • All emissions regulations worldwide: We measure emissions under real driving conditions, and take into account emissions regulations worldwide for combustion engines and alternative powertrains.

Exhaust aftertreatment project example: For exhaust aftertreatment on passenger car engines, the engine and chassis dynamometer tests were planned and conducted, the necessary application tasks adopted, and emissions approval documents prepared for the approval authorities.

Project example, operator model for chassis dynamometers: The operator model comprises everything from the entire vehicle logistics, such as receipt and collection, the capacity management of the testing facilities, the handling of testing data, the country-specific tests, right to analyses of the tests and also advising process partners.

We ensure quick results and lower costs by linking together all process steps in a methodical way and raising the level of automation.

  • Concept development with preliminary design and simulation of powertrain, modules, and components.
  • Design of hardware development for components as well as control and regulation system functionality.
  • Optimization of engine and drive systems with respect to drivability, consumption, performance and emissions, with validation of components and modules in our testing facilities.
  • Realization of the drive systems in the vehicle and provision of the testing resources for series applications to check emissions and to completely evaluate the system.
  • Type approval tests and homologation to comply with legal provisions.

Project example, basic 4-cylinder engines application: For vehicle preparation and commissioning, we planned and conducted the engine and chassis dynamometer tests along with RDE test drives, including vehicle coordination, documentation and performance homologation.

Project example, simulation of LW testing: We conducted LW testing for V6/V8 diesel and 8 cylinder gasoline engines with full load leveling and partial load, variant calculations, and more.

Project example, simulation of fleet consumption and CO₂: The simulation for trucks and buses included the construction of simulation models for the whole vehicle, all the way up to complete fleet calculations.

Powertrain development based on four functional pillars

We provide development services for powertrains for cars with combustion engines and for alternative drives with anything from hybrid and electric systems, through to fuel cell systems, all the way to alternative fuels.

Thermodynamics and emissions control: We develop simulation models to evaluate different drive configurations, including alternative powertrains, and we process all steps in development, from gas exchange all the way through to emissions control for the overall system.

Drivetrain control: We develop engine control unit functions and calibration methods and apply and calibrate the control unit functions.

Thermal management: We optimize energetic heat management in the vehicle, and design components for it; we develop trial models, simulate among others engine coolers, vehicle air flow and air flow through the engine compartment, and we validate with testing and trials and apply the necessary control unit functions.

Engine mechanics: Our services include the design of the basic engine, auxiliary equipment, and engine peripheries, all the way to hybrid components with concept and package for the parts development, including trials and testing. We develop simulations for multibody systems (MBS) to calculate strength (FEM), for cooling and oil systems, as well as flows (CFD).


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