Powertrain Development

Many new requirements on the powertrain

Trends in the powertrain area are complex and multifaceted: the majority of attention is paid to electromobility. At the same time, tight CO₂ thresholds on combustion engines and various power unit derivatives call for improvements and optimizations. Whereas the focus was once on the development of individual components, now it is on the optimization of the system as a whole, on process steps that are linked methodically, and on a high degree of development automation.

Tighter legal frameworks influence all powertrain development areas, because progress can only be achieved by optimizing the system as a whole. That is why at Bertrandt both engineering in thermodynamics and emissions control, drivetrain control, thermal management and motor mechanics as well as testing services are closely intermeshed, and all available from one source.

We provide development services for powertrains for cars with combustion engines and for alternative drives with anything from hybrid and electric systems, through to fuel cell systems, all the way to alternative fuels.

  • Motor development
  • Gear box and drive train development
  • Alternative powertrains
  • Battery and tank development

Powertrain development based on four functional pillars

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