Thermodynamics and Emission Control

Stricter emission legislation and fuel consumption requirements, a growing number of competing powertrain concepts and increasingly complex subsystems make it necessary to consider the powertrain from an overall perspective. We at Bertrandt provide fast, cost-effective and reliable efficiency statements even at an early stage of development. We implement parameter studies and reveal optimisation potentials as well as carrying out validation using simulation, on the test bench and in the vehicle.

Powertrain Simulation

  • 0D/1D simulation models of power flows in the powertrain
  • Fuel consumption prognoses depending on the driving cycle
  • Measurement and simulation of the charge exchange process
  • Evaluation tools for cold start analysis

Emission Control

  • Technical implementation of the requirements of future emissions legislation
  • Tool and method development for mobile exhaust measurement systems
  • Measurement of previously unlimited pollutants

Efficiency Analysis

  • Powertrain model as a co-simulation interface to all standard software Tools


  • Fuel consumption/drivability
  • Exhaust aftertreatment
  • OBD

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Sven Neumann

Vice President Operations – Powertrain Solutions