Thermal Management

Solutions for energetic heat management in the vehicle

We optimize energetic heat management in the motor vehicle, engineer new components for it, develop digital testing models (digital mock-up, DMU), and simulate things like powertrain cooling, the oncoming flow on the vehicle, and air flow through the engine compartment, including trials and testing.



Our services in the thermal management section

Part development / package

  • Front end package
  • Component engineering
  • Dynamic DMU
  • Approval management
  • Material studies
  • Production methods / assembly
  • Production / processes
  • Development of additional cooling modules


  • Motor cooling
  • Oncoming flow on the vehicle
  • Air flow through the engine compartment
  • Coolant circuit
  • Passenger compartment air conditioning
  • Model-based simulation

Trials / testing

  • Cold / hot water testing
  • Vehicle testing / application
  • Coolant circuit testing
  • Heating / cooling performance measurements

Methods / tools

  • Determination of heat flows on the basis of the specifications and needs (e.g. Flowmaster, Dymola, Fluent, MATLAB)
  • Depiction of total TMM in different configurations as co-simulation in the virtual powertrain

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Michael Hage

Vice President Operations – Design Solutions