Motorcycle Development

Designed transmissions and a lot of experience.

Motorcycle development requires very specific know-how and a lot of experience. The construction of motorcycles is particularly design-driven, and functions such as rider assistance systems follow their own physical requirements. In areas such as electric mobility or aerodynamics development, we can also make use ofour comprehensive resources from our own passenger car development.

Bertrandt has a very wide range of services for motorcycle development and supports OEMs from the initial idea right through to production readiness. The services include solutions in the following areas:

  • Design services/design modelling and rapid technologies
  • Body development
  • Development of the complete vehicle/package
  • Electronics development
  • Testing/validation
  • Simulation
  • Chassis development
  • Powertrain development
  • Supporting services such as project, quality and process management and logistics

Bertrandt is focusing particularly on electric mobility. Our extensive experience in automotive development can also be applied to two-wheeled vehicles. Key areas in particular are electric powertrains, the development of high-voltage batteries and functions and applications for power electronics. Bertrandt has its own electric mobility centres and develops individual components right through to complete concepts for electric vehicles.

Derivative development for high-voltage batteries

We develop solutions for the mechanical, structural, electrical and thermal design and validation of high-voltage batteries. We focus both on geometrical integration into the motorcycle design and on the power requirements of the battery and the electric connections to the battery management system (BMS).Bertrandtoperates several testing centres of its own, where all aspects of the electric powertrain and in particular the batteries can be tested.

Bertrandt develops systems for automated and autonomous driving functions in a variety of technology and customer projects. We have the right know-how for sensor systems and we develop algorithms for environment recognition. However, the driver assistance systems from the automotive sector, such as dynamic cruise control, traffic jam and emergency stop systems, cannot be directly transferred to motorcycles.

The design of driver assistance systems and their integration into two-wheeled vehicles are subject to completely different physical conditions. For that reason, assistance systems are developed specifically for motorcycles.

The contours of motorcycles are primarily design-driven. Bertrandt has the necessary resources to optimise their aerodynamics. We have invested above all in two areas here:

Simulation based on aerodynamic models: We already use 3D models at an early stage in the development process to simulate aerodynamic flow conditions, to recognise air turbulence and to carry out targeted geometrical adaptations, for example on fairing and panelling components. Our aerodynamics experts are specialised in the particular requirements of motorcycles.

Prototypes in the wind tunnel: We have our own model building department where we create real three-dimensional prototypes from the 3D models. Our engineers examine these prototypes in the wind tunnel, where they gain further knowledge for the improvement of the design.

We have our own experienced specialists for all process steps in development, validation and improvement, and the development process takes place entirely in-house.

Bertrandt is the ideal development partner for motorcycles and motor scooters. The focus is initially on design. In the early stage, we use the first design models to specifically derive functions that we develop on the component level to production readiness in accordance with the requirements, and we then transfer them functionally to the complete vehicle.

In our Design, Construction, Electrics/Electronics, Simulation and Testing departments, we not only develop individual components, but can also take on responsibility for the complete vehicle.

Alongside classical design using CAD, our development support activities also include supplier integration and support, quality and risk management, and construction phase and production support.

Examples of customer projects

  • R nineT development for BMW:Bertrandt has developed a new lead model for the BMW Group and has developed four motorcycle derivatives on this basis. As the first external development specialist, we were commissioned in this magnitude in motorcycle development with the order volume and project structure. Over a period that is normally planned for the development of one derivative, we developed five. That was possible because, during times of peak capacity utilisation, we were able to make use of the internal Bertrandt network.
  • Innovative electric scooter: As long ago as 2014, Bertrandt developed a fully functional technology demonstrator with a waterproof, air-cooled lithium-ion battery housing, recuperation electronics for the recovery of braking energy and a honeycomb sandwich footboard that was manufactured using lightweight design processes from aviation technology. The rider can use an interactive touchscreen display to control various functions such as the speedometer, the battery state of charge, the amount of energy used and recuperated and the odometer.

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