Ein Mann, der eine Steifigkeitsprüfung durchführt.

Comprehensive testing: from climate chambers to individual test stand construction

Our Testing Competence Centre has the highest standards regarding quality and performance. Our services not only include start-stop tests. We also offer you expertise based on many years of experience in test project planning and in the integration of systems, modules and components. 

  • Climate/temperature chambers (0.1 to 125 m³)
  • Electrodynamic shakers (16 to 125 kN)
  • Quad-shakers for vertical and tilting motion
  • 3-axis shaker system
  • Multi-axial servo-hydraulic test stand with six degrees of freedom
  • Dust/condensation chambers
  • Temperature shock chambers (to 0.35 m³)
  • Corrosion chambers (1.4 to 2.4 m³)
  • VDA-NEU chambers
  • Sunlight simulation, infrared radiation
  • Robotic endurance testing systems (to 16 kg)
  • Function/stiffness test stands
  • Individual test stand construction and method development


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