Zwei Personen bei der Entwicklung einer Leiterplatine.

40 years of engineering experience for all major OEMs

Our electronics development is based on the classic 'V model'. More than 40 years of engineering experience for all major OEMs ensures that our projects are carried out efficiently. 

  • Concept development
  • Geometrical integration
  • Series development
  • Testing and validation of ECUs and their peripherals
  • Series support and further development, change management for ECUs
  • Control and display concept development
  • Software tool chain development
  • Test processing
  • Tests for component release
  • Support for and further development of the motorcycle simulator
  • Operation of subsystem test stands
  • Development and construction of subsystem/component test stands
  • Construction and conversion of prototypes/series-production vehicles
  • Simultaneous/modular engineering/project management
  • Release management
  • Analysis of/response to after-sales enquiries/production plant


Bertrandt AG

Birkensee 1, 71139 Ehningen, Germany