Scenario-based test of automated driving functions

How safe is safe enough?

The increasing complexity and variant diversity of automated driving functions results in exponential efforts required for testing their functionality and safety. Conventional approaches using requirement-based test methods and focusing the test location vehicle reach their limits. 


Our solution: scenario-based testing

The scenario-based test methodology enables test cases to be defined independently of the function and to be used across different test sites. By consistent virtualization and automated test control, we offer maximum test efficiency and coverage.


Your benefits

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Focus on the essential

By intelligent criticality assessment, we identify the relevant test scenarios for each function and ensure that all significant requirements regarding functionality and safety are focused and evaluated.

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Consistency from cloud to the road

The superordinate test control and the use of generic formats such as OpenSCENARIO enable us to employ test scenarios throughout the entire test process and to shift tests between virtual test locations and vehicle.

Maximum automation and virtualization

By full automation from test control to test execution, we utilize the available test resources as efficiently as possible. In order to reduce vehicle tests and to parallelize the test execution, we focus on virtual test sites.

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Reusability of test scenarios

The function-independent definition of the scenarios is robust towards changes in functional requirements and of test tools. This guarantees a high level of reusability, also for future automated driving functions and SAE levels.  

Our services at a glance

We develop test scenarios for all relevant traffic situations and use cases of automated driving functions, and we ensure their completeness. The use of OpenSCENARIO enables portability between test locations and tools.

  • Development of function-independent scenario catalogues on the basis of a six-level model
  • Identification and reconstruction of logical test scenarios from field data
  • Selection of the relevant test scenarios based on an automated criticality assessment
  • Generation of concrete test scenarios by means of parameter variation

The eligible test case space can only be mastered by strict automation of the scenario selection and the test execution. For this purpose, we rely on the application of commercial tools, which are enhanced by our own automation solutions, if required:

  • Use of PEGASUS-compliant tools for test automation and real-time simulation
  • Automated scenario generation through predictive criticality assessment and combination of criticality measures
  • A-posteriori criticality assessment and test re-adjustment for optimization of the parameter space
  • Automated test case creation and assignment to virtual test locations (MiL, SiL, HiL) and vehicle
  • Automated test execution and evaluation

In order to increase the test speed and throughput as well as to reduce vehicle tests, we focus on maximum level of virtualization including test execution in the cloud. For this purpose, we offer you experience with all common tool and cloud environments.

  • Development of real-time capable simulation models for ego vehicle, environment and surrounding traffic
  • Reduction of real part demands by development of virtual ECUs (vECUs), sensor models and ECU behavior models
  • Integration of commercial simulation and vECU tools
  • Virtualization of tool chains and parallelization of the test execution by means of cloud computing

We implement complex test scenarios for the verification of function and safety in the vehicle. Benefit from the test equipment in our mobile measuring technology laboratory x-track and from our experience with measuring equipment of all common manufacturers.

  • Conception and realization of individual test scenarios as well as NCAP scenarios on proving grounds and in road traffic worldwide
  • Setup and update of ego and target vehicles
  • Provision of driving robots, self-driving platforms, inertial measuring systems, dummies and targets
  • Commissioning of our own and externally supplied test equipment
  • Execution and automated results evaluation of the test scenarios

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Christian Bohner

Head of Department Electronics & Virtual Testing Solutions

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